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Spider bite Leg

spider bite makes leg grow to 4x its size


by Stephen

submitted July 13th 2006

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So did his leg recover?
12 years ago
wtf? That guy said his left leg grew to be 250lbs within a year but the rest of him wasn't getting any bigger and then he thought "something isn't right". lmfao
12 years ago
Great. Another weird-ass thing to be paranoid about in life. Let's add it to the other 6 million bizarre and horrible things that can befall a poor, innocent human. Like the way it took his leg getting to 250lbs before he really thought something was wrong.

Smile, and be happy...just be sure to avoid all insects no matter how small, any surgery no matter how necessary...and puberty too (I think that's what he said...it sounded like pooburty).

12 years ago
damn...thought I got in there first with post
12 years ago
So we don't find out the treatment from this. I bet some ghetto chicks are going to get spiders to start biting their arses now.
12 years ago
so heres what can trigger this.......a spider bit, obecity, and pooberty
12 years ago
thanks god. i love you too!!
12 years ago
so no Mary Jane Watson..... no Venom.... no Green Goblin... no wearing a bad-ass blue and red costume... no web-slinging..... sux for him
12 years ago
I have a similar condition with my cock. The thing gets bumped and it is Huge !! No plans on having it removed though. Just regular twat imersion.
12 years ago
12 years ago
"twat imersion"... that reminded me of that video posted here awhile back with that catchy "Anal Seepage" tune.
12 years ago
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