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Hilarious Microsoft support call

Very funny call that some guy made to a customer about some problem they were having with their computer. The subtitles and pics make it much more hilarious.


by DejaVu

submitted July 13th 2006

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that was an indian accent. whoever made this video is an idiot.
12 years ago
This is why outsourcing is such a fantastic idea. Always love the pushy, unintelligible, foreign telemarketers that seem to call me too often. Learn English you arogant cunts.
12 years ago
I find it ironic when these telcos call me and the voice quality sounds like they're calling from the dark side of the moon.
12 years ago
I was about to call you an asshole, sancho. . My parents have accents, but damn, dude. Did he say something about Judas?
12 years ago

I seriously doubt the dude in the video said anything about anything. Sancho has pointed out an obvious conflict in the information posted. The video shows someone of non-indian....

Oh fuckit. You're an idiot! Judas?! WTF does that have to do with anything?

I have been advised that your PC level be elevated. Please consult admin for direction in where to go.
12 years ago
i was gonna say what sancho said.. the caller was clearly from india or pakistan.
12 years ago
outsourcing should being fucking illegal it's getting too much. Make my shoes and shut up, I don't want to talk to them on the phone.
12 years ago
@ CruelHM: "Learn English you arogant cunts."

Hehehe, you're the funniest guy EVAR.
12 years ago
Sounds like the guy that does the "you kick my dog" and "come pick me up" crank calls in a paki voice that are all over the net.

Outsourcing is fucking stupid, you pay 1.50 a min to talk to some paki that doesnt know what he's talking about. Wont happen again because im going to do A+ an stuff in september.
12 years ago
Hmmm. Okay. Coupland...I hope you realise that WAS the joke there, and are not attempting to call me an ironic racist for using only one 'r' in arrogant. If you missed the joke...u am an cunt. If you got it...my bad...yes I am the funniest guy EVAR.

Also...yes...outsourcing is both killing the US economy, and destroying spoken English. I seriously can't understand a fucking word most of these cum-swillers say to me when they call. Most annoyingly: a lot of them work for say credit card companies (not mentioning any names..cough cough...Capitaaaal One), and when arguing with them over incorrect billing etc. it just becomes a very dark and frustrating experience.

Bring some jobs back to unemployed US citizens...fucking asshole Gates has a sickening amount of money, and he wants to monopolize more by paying some non-English-speaking fucktards $2 an hour while his corporation makes 100 times that from them per hour's work.

12 years ago
CruelHM... umm... was that a kiss at the end? awww...
12 years ago
I agree about cap1..buncha fucktards!!!!!...anyways, this is America, why the hell do we have to press anything to continue in English??? And about Immigrants, if you can't speak english, GO THE FUCK BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM! We don;t go to your country and expect every-damn-body to understand us do we? Hell no..To damn much political correctness bullshit these days...you don't like what I say and it offends you? Fuck you, don't read it or listen when I'm talking and it ain't to you!. ok, i'll get off my soapbox now...hehe WAIT....1 more thing...the buncha asswipes bitching about we can't send immigrants back to their country, what would it do to our workforce....WTF? Uhm, gee, I dunno, maybe give AMERICANS jobs???? But then of course, companies would actually have to pay a reasonable wage so we could live huh? Hmmmm, and some damn actors and shit worry about people in sweatshops in other countries...tough shit, send the immigrants back there to work, and pay people to do the jobs here. nuff said.
12 years ago
Actually there are a number of studies which suggest immigrants do not bring down wages. Obviously there are also studies which say it does drive wages down.

Methods have included measuring wages based on location i.e. cities closer to the Mexican border versus those towards the middle and the Canadian border. Obviously it has taken into account the fact that people could move further north and found little variation.

Another method measured education where illegal immigrants are assumed to have minimal education. It concluded that surprisingly in recent times, wages have gone up faster for high school graduates or non-graduates versus college graduates.
12 years ago
'lazy-eyed rasputin'

lmfao at the picture
12 years ago
He knows two languages, that's impressive. jeezuz christ give the guy a break just because he can't pronounce somethings.

12 years ago
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