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Vulva Original - Vaginal Fragrance


An actual product - the link at the end goes to their site. I found older posts of this, but this vid is slightly different and seemed higher quality.


by AspiringPaladin

submitted August 1st 2014

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For those who want to smell like a cunt
4 years ago
Do they make this in a sweaty man plum version? Seems like there is an untapped market.
4 years ago
Pink - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL7JMSXDg-w
4 years ago
now THAT is a german accent
4 years ago
Scent ?
4 years ago
I'd use if as an aftershave.
4 years ago
Might want to be careful - using it like that might attract the wrong kind of attention, Squid.
4 years ago
He really sniffed that bicycle seat. He sniffed it!
4 years ago
Link the original, noob
4 years ago
Anything for you... almost. Like so?
4 years ago
Same actors, not the same clip. Not a repost, capice?
4 years ago
los - I do not know why it did not post with the first, but there was also this one:

It is much closer to the one I did.
4 years ago
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