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So You Think You Can Dance?

All I have to say is i bet this guy gets all the girls at the club.


by yak

submitted July 10th 2006

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Jesus that woman's laugh was fucking annoying!
12 years ago
ok but seriously, even though its bad dancing, he is really good at it.
12 years ago
pretty entertaining if u ask me
12 years ago
pretty fly for a white guy, right?
12 years ago
I agree, he was very good at bad white guy dancing. Very funny
12 years ago
that guy fucking RULES! Yes he would get laid all kinds by beautiful women here in Cali.
12 years ago
Any guy who isn't afraid to get up in front of an audience and dance like that, fuckin rocks.
12 years ago
I bet you het gets all the guys.
12 years ago
GAY! and the black guy laying in his chair, not sitting but laying, with his stupid cap on thinking he gots a chance with the white chick next to him is GAY too.
12 years ago
ok let me get this straight.. if the black guy IS gay, why is he trying to get it on with the white chick next to him?

ok i get it, nice one soul-teaser!
12 years ago
that laugh is going to bother me for the rest of the day.
12 years ago
The only way that could have been funnier was if he kicked that annoying laughing bitch in the teeth at the end of the dance.
12 years ago
I don't know what show that was but that guy fucking won! I want a recount!!
12 years ago
You got it, VICTORIA?

12 years ago
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