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BumpTop 3D Desktop

In theory it sounds ok, I mean it looks cool... But as the demo goes on, it just seems really counter intuitive.


by yak

submitted July 9th 2006

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I feel exhausted just looking at it. Why would I want to go to the same effort to tidy and look through my desktop like I do with my physical possessions?

Gotta love the "exploding piles".
12 years ago
It LOOKS cool. But i don't know if it's very productive. It looks like takes a loooot of effort to keep track of your stuff. Dunno ...
12 years ago
Hey, I remember I bought this thing called a computer to not have to deal with piles of paper. This is the fucking stupidest thing I've ever seen and I've seen black people at car dealerships.
12 years ago
^^^ O_o
12 years ago
This is excruciatingly crap. Its only use is as a post-modernist, ironic, literal, physical metaphor for an undergraduate computer graphics/art degree at the University of Boring as Fuck. I would fail them.

Yak...this is no way to promote Canada, and now I find myself thinking Canucks are even bigger cunts than some Americans I've met.

Bill Gates is not concerned by this.

12 years ago
This is basically an ad that says "Look at us, we have a new gimmick. Somebody buy us out.......for $15 million."

Looks alright. If you can play videogames you will pick it up quickly. Although, it will probably just another feature that adds to the clunkiness and instability of your computer.
12 years ago
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