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Kitten lives after going through wood chipper

to bad it didnt show the kitten going through the wood chipper.


by Stephen

submitted July 8th 2006

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I saw this on CNN a day or two ago. Pretty fucking amazing that it lived.
12 years ago
Those fuckers always find a way to live. I remember when a cat went to sleep inside the engine of a car. When the owner went to switch it on it got dragged through but unfortunately survived and totally fucked up the engine in the process.
12 years ago
i hear cats can escape death quite a few times. I forgot how many though.
12 years ago
I think the answer we're looking for is nine...

12 years ago
I had one of my cats die in an engine though, I have lost a lot of cats...im going to go cry now.
12 years ago
LMFAO. "Chipper"....That's so wrong. hahaha
12 years ago
I don't understand what all you short dicked geeks have against cats? Are you that devoid of masculinity that you guys have to pick on animals like cats that can't fight back?
12 years ago
^^what the fuck is you talkin bout? cats can fight. thems meeeeeeaan little fuckers. the got those claws... y'know.
12 years ago
with nine lives it can escape death only 8 times, wario ;)
12 years ago
you just got owned wario
12 years ago
Chipper, this from the same people who would most likely complain if a crack whore named her crack baby "Shakey"
11 years ago
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