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Joystiq Video: Wired Spore Event, featuring Will Wright and Robin Williams

Robin Williams show us how to play some Spore. funny stuff. :D


by benos21

submitted July 8th 2006

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Only seen the first half before. It looks so limitless that it almost seems like it could get old too fast.

Interesting to know Robin Williams knew his stuff.
12 years ago
A must buy for me
12 years ago
For those of you that haven't heard of spore.... Imagine the universe....... in game form.
12 years ago
<~ Worked on Spore, like 2 years ago
12 years ago
Chairman, did you happen to catch that Williams said "Halo 3 WAS good?"
12 years ago
I didn't catch that the first time around. You never know, maybe he's a beta tester. I'm sure our resident game developer who's somehow been part of every project from Zork to Spore could fill us in.
12 years ago
yea I saw that part near the end where he mentoined halo 3 was great...you have to remeber two things about robin williams, one hes rich, and two he loves his video games

my guess is he either has access to alot of pre-release games due to the probability he knows people in the upper echelon of the video gaming industry...or hes a beta tester like cotb mentoined...chances are its both
12 years ago
Robin Williams Is close friends with most of the heads at EA. Ive seen him myself walking around the campus. In fact, ive seen lots of celebs. Mya played for our company meeting, so did ozomatli, Avril lavrine, Met Kelsey Grammer before the press released he was to be beast (he told me).
12 years ago
spore is just fucking awesome.
12 years ago
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