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Elephant Seal

These people are either really stupid or really brave sneaking up and scaring a thing this fucking huge.


by yak

submitted July 7th 2006

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I now know where they found the Godzilla scream....
12 years ago
Looks like an enormous land-booger.
12 years ago
hahahhaha what ColdBlood said
12 years ago
haha wow! fucking weird.
12 years ago
i woulda liked to see those things though
12 years ago
man, talk about overreacting
12 years ago
I would think it's the /either/ option, not the /or/ one...
12 years ago

Nice one gunner_asch
12 years ago
1 of the most fucking funny things ive ever seen here ;)
12 years ago
haha lol those screams were freaky! i think elephant seal can chase you down quicker than you expected.
12 years ago
12 years ago
It looks like she stabs it or something.
12 years ago
Yea, those things move like a worm on speed. Not exactly something you wanna try and outrun by any means.
12 years ago
i have a feeling stabbing it most likely wouldnt do much damage
12 years ago
Thats what I do when someone touches me. What a coincidence.
12 years ago
holy shit hahaha
7 years ago
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