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Ronaldo vs Rooney

For all of you Soccer (football) fans out there :P


by yak

submitted July 7th 2006

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That was Ronaldo? I was expecting a bunch of clips of him falling down for no apparent reason...
12 years ago
Not a bad video of some skill, but fucking shit audio track who every they were..
12 years ago
Who ever they were? That's NWA with "Straight Outta Compton" which is a rap classic.

Of course it doesn't exactly fit with a soccer vid...
12 years ago
Rap classic?


funny stuff.

I can't wait until somebody posts "...'I cut myself and want to die' is an emo classic."
12 years ago
oh cmon get over it you ugly english, just because that fat fucker rooney cant play, acts like a rugbyplayer, and finally gets the red card you blame everything now on ronaldo...you would have lost anyway with him or without...just like you dumbasses did last EC in Portugal, there you blamed the swiss referee for losing...Allez les bleu, France for the win (yes i am french)!!
12 years ago
Both gifted players but incredibly immature.

Despite their positive approach I'm glad England are out otherwise we would have had to hear it for another 40 years about winning something. Portugal were fun to watch but when they got to the knockout stage, they simply deserved to go out with the negative, cynical style they decided to play.

By the way Forza Azzurri!
12 years ago
I wouldn't want Ronaldo an my team, but would take 11 Rooneys.

And 'Straight Outta Compton' fits very well for Rooney.
12 years ago
Shut it Mìsâk you fag fucker!

Try speaking the slightest sense based on facts you retard!

12 years ago
If that referee fell for the theatrics that ronaldo was pulling off in the game versus France, I wonder would Misak be so arrogant.

Anyway, England does not blame ronaldo for losing the game you retard. They just dislike the way he tried to influence the referees decision (and then that wink as well).
Even the french commentary were talking about him being unsportsmanlike.

Yes you're french, and unfortunately, fucking stupid.
12 years ago
People calm down what's done is done,
Rooney played well but had he held his temper in check he may not have been sent off, i still think we would have lost though. Mìsâk you are a typical arrogant french tosser. The english can except defeat what we hate is underhand unsportsmanship play. If Rooney acts like a rugby player then good that's how football should be played full on standing up. None of this theatrics. I agree whole heartedly with omfg if the french had lost they would have been complaining too because his diving in that game brought shame to the portugese team once again. My mate is portugese and said he is disgusted with Ronaldo. What a shame a great talent as shown in this video has to stoop so low.
Oh and Mìsâk you should remember if it was not for the likes of us british the french would not be in the world cup because you would be part of the German empire.
12 years ago
rooney sucks and uh france will win
12 years ago
Mìsâk havent you got someone to surrender to ?
12 years ago
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