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Xavier Malisse - Tennis Tantrum

LOL someone call a waahmbulance!


by yak

submitted July 7th 2006

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behaving like that just isn't cricket.
12 years ago
Now John McEnroe might have screamed and swore but he didn't cry like a girl.

In Roman times the crowd would be giving the thumbs down and they'd let in the lions.
12 years ago
hahaha what was that all about?
12 years ago
What a fag
12 years ago
Still doesn't make me want to punch him in the face as much as Lleyton Hewitt.
12 years ago
True that Chairman
12 years ago
This guy and that faggy Walken impersonation kid should get together and have faggy angry Japanese shit sex tantrums together...it would be like a Cinderella dream come true!!! Bless this day!!!
12 years ago
Anyone from Netherlands who can translate this one?
12 years ago
It's the 2nd set and 5-5 in games. Malisse doesn't agree with the decission of the referee and starts an argue with him. Because Malisse starts freaking out, the organisation decides to exclude Malisse from the tournament.
That's the reason why he becomes realy mad and starts kickting to everything and even breaks his racket.
12 years ago
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