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One way to test your girlfriend's gag reflex

Guy slams the brakes on his girlfriend while she's eating some ice cream


by Alabaster_Bollocks

submitted June 26th 2014

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This is so gonna happen the next time I buy my wife a blizzard
3 years ago
That better be your next sub then.
3 years ago
Your next sub better be proof that you're not a total lard ass, as you stated many,many, many times before.
3 years ago
...and your obsession with Dug is getting a little disconcerting, freshie...
3 years ago
you really stepped it up right after he subbed the gay pride video... hmmmm....
3 years ago
To each his own I guess...

* Sprinkles shrugs and wishes freshie all the best with his newly discovered lifestyle *
3 years ago
/end dik-chain
3 years ago
I said it before, and I'll say it again:

3 years ago
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