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Hooligan Mix

I think using napalm would be easier to deal with these guys.


by yak

submitted July 6th 2006

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Those idiots couldn't even roll the van. What the hell kind of riot is this?
12 years ago
lol a euro riot
12 years ago
Its amazing how cctv and other recording devices become invisable to drunken idiots
12 years ago
Football is life. I've been caught in a couple of those riots both over seas and right here in my home town of LA. They're pretty intense but they're fun as hell at the same time.
12 years ago
Dear rioter, can't you be a little quieter?
12 years ago
ah a dutch riot.
12 years ago
fuckin dutch wankers
12 years ago
Fuck cops on horses they should just let a shitload of bulls loose in the street. Riot problem = solved.
12 years ago
cops on horses are very effective, it's just like a knight or samurai on a horse, they can take on a lot more men!
12 years ago
but the bull idea does sound appealing to me.
12 years ago
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