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J2: Juggment Day - Part 1 of 2

its the juggernaut Bitch!~@#@#$


by An|mCe

submitted July 6th 2006

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12 years ago
hardy har har
12 years ago
hey thats kingdom hearts music
12 years ago
wtf is up with all the kingdom hearts music?!?! its drivin me crazy
12 years ago
im sure his feet are bigger than 10 1/2
12 years ago
this shit is great
12 years ago
that was odd...not bad though...i wonder how many times they say 'juggernaught beatch'?
12 years ago
Some dude on my space makes them i think, theres another one on here somewhere. Made me laugh, i want to see what happens i ust to love this cartoon.
12 years ago
oh, shit, that's funny!!

I was expecting it to be old X-men cartoon footage set to Terminator 2 sound clips, but this is even better...

I remember those old ass cartoons, I still have action figures from them.
12 years ago
the first one was way better

pimp smack yo ass bitch
12 years ago
Kingdom Hearts... thought it was Terminator
12 years ago
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