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Double Ass Crack

Big black woman with ass crack showing as well as back cleavage


by DangerousDug

submitted June 10th 2014

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Double Ass Crack
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I'd fuck something on that.
4 years ago
Nice assbs.
4 years ago
plumbers* crack

who the fuck says carpenters crack? numbnuts, that's who.
4 years ago
hes probably been using that term in his fantasies for so long he doesnt know any better..plus redneck.
4 years ago
You are witnessing a form of cellular mitosis known as Asscrackular division, the process in which giant asses propagate. Although all races are affected, it is particularly common in Negress Americanus. Soon this ass will branch out on it's own, becoming a fat black woman, by which the process repeats. Nature is so beautiful.
4 years ago
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