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Odd World Coke Commercial

So this is whats going on in a vending machine.....


by yak

submitted July 5th 2006

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I'm fairly confident this is fake.
12 years ago
Pretty inventive ad.
12 years ago
Imaginative but it gets let down by me already knowing what it really looks like inside those machines, a mixture of illegaly immigrated Mexican dwarves and slave labour from Guam.
12 years ago
Interesting..so they have a new slogan..what will pepsi come up with to combat that
12 years ago
i thought the commercial really featured odd world, as in the abe's oddysey series..
12 years ago
Agreed, this has nothing to do with Oddworld, unless that coke is created from the bones of Mudokons!!!
12 years ago
nah i think that it does have to do with oddworld. the animation is similar to that of the games. same with the characters, surroundings, landscapes. its all similar to oddworld.
12 years ago
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