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Drive-Thru Rage

A morning show wanted to reenact an incident that took place at a McDonald's drive-thru in Maryland. A woman was ordering food but was taking too long. The man behind her honked his horn, yelled at the woman and revved his engine to make her order quicker. She didn't. He became even more upset and then began to ram his car into her repeatedly.


by EllieB

submitted July 5th 2006

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that was just retarded..im sorry
12 years ago
what was with the whistling noise, sounded like a bad automobile belt?

um, so how accurate was this lame re-enactment?
12 years ago
I want my 3 minutes back - that just plain sucked sweaty balls !!
12 years ago
i wanted to get the midget and punt it cuz it sounded like midget from newyork
12 years ago
It's pretty accurate. =)
Sorry, I just love watching dwarfs, no matter what the context. I guess I'm alone on this. =(
12 years ago
I love it, if you know you can't act don't pretend, and make sure everyone knows that you know, LOL.
12 years ago
12 years ago
ya thats a morning show nearby here in tampa. MJ always does annoying shit like this.
12 years ago
he's a fucking spic and he spicced out his fucking car to make that noise. Most spics do worse things to their cars and think it's cool.
12 years ago
12 years ago
omg i even saw him run over some midgets and nuns!
12 years ago