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I'm A Frickin' Cartoon!

This is my brother's demo reel he made for graduation a few years back.


by giterdun78

submitted July 5th 2006

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lol wow that dude needs writers hah
12 years ago
Not bad. Media Arts and Animation is a BSc?
12 years ago
I would expect a BA, personally.
7 years ago
your brother needs to fucking kill himself you untalented fucking loser.
12 years ago
Looks like he had a lot of fun putting this together.
12 years ago
i like iloseatlife's comment, because the only thing iloseatlife can be proud of is his wasted time on here with moronic comments LOL@THAT
12 years ago
that was done real nice, i rate it an 8! tell your brother he should keep up the good work.
you probably dont need me to tell you this, but iloseatlife's comments are worth shit!
i guess iloseatlife is trying to make everyone dislike him. reminds me of someone else we know... starts with a 'snivvl' ends with an 'e', i dunno i guess i forgot his name.
12 years ago
"wasted time on here"

wait, who takes the time to run the site again?
12 years ago
probably someone earning shitloads of money with it so he can settle down in fuckn ireland. though i dunno what you can do with money in ireland.. might be some sheplover or something
12 years ago
wasted time because you only write moronic comments, douchebag, learn how to read!
12 years ago
and i don't see you earning ANY money writing worthless comments like the above^, jackass.
12 years ago
you measure time well spent by how much money that time earns you?
Haha, have a good life. ;P

12 years ago
i like it overall, could have done less with the sound effects. but a good artist. he will go places.
12 years ago
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