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iPod Burnout

You've seen pretty much every burnout so far... well here is the iPod BURNOUT!


by yak

submitted July 4th 2006

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Must smell wonderful
12 years ago
wow that music tricked me...i thought the music was playing from the ipod until the cord fell down
12 years ago
there's one more thing i can brag about seeing while lying on my deathbed.
12 years ago
well there's a waste of money.... fucktards...
12 years ago
hey, I'm a rich white kid who can just burn ipods. These fucking people make me wanna shit on their mothers.
12 years ago
so, iPods are combustible...

wow, they have lastability on playing mp3's, don't they?
12 years ago
Thats about all those piles of shit are good for...had mine a year and the fucking battery died.
12 years ago
Well I've just found out that a blowtorch is not a satisfying way to destroy consumer electronics.
12 years ago
Genius at work - way to go man! And always remember - DO NOT do anything useful with your time...
12 years ago
HORRENDOUS TASTE IN MUSIC<br>and as much as i hate the ipod, what a waste of 200 or so bucks<br>
dumb fucks
12 years ago
and i thought the ipod burnout was something like burnin´rubber by using the jog dial really fast, but this was just lame...
12 years ago
12 years ago
For some reason towards the last half of this clip, the ipod kind of looked like a flaming goatse.
12 years ago
uhm you should have just gave that to me i lost my ipod
12 years ago
Yeah, that last part was odd.

As for everyone else, I'm pretty sure they burnt it for a reason, not just to waste money.

Also think about it this way, every week you aren't at work you lose the amount of money you could've had by working. Every day you work for less pay than another job, you are losing that added amount every day.

Plus sometimes bad luck hits you, your car breaks down, you lose something on ebay (I lost an $800 AUD phone), your phone bill turns out to be huge.

If this guy had legitimate reason, then there's no discussion, ipods aren't that expensive now anyway and if you think they're too expensive to waste in any way then you should probably invest your time insulting them into getting a job.
12 years ago
*claps* wow, what i life lesson there, i think you just set yourself up for some abuse.

bottom line is: that was a shit video.
12 years ago
I'm surprised at how long it lasted. Those little guys are pretty tough. I didn't think it would still play with the back panel glowing red.
12 years ago
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