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Ice Cube Coin trick

dude does a pretty cool coin trick.


by Stephen

submitted July 4th 2006

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what the fuck happened? the quality of this vid is shit.
12 years ago
Some guys were at a party and then they started cheering. I think there may have been some girls there but it was hard to make out.
12 years ago
he knowcked down 3 ice cubes with a coin off the bottle
12 years ago
Clear as bell here on my computer
12 years ago
i think those girls were from europe...and didnt speak much english....and they were taking advantage of them....awsome...
12 years ago
i couldnt tell wtf was going on but i think he said "sweet in da house" when he did it though.
12 years ago
yup its fake
12 years ago
criss angel style
12 years ago
Are you fucking kidding me? Why was this posted...
12 years ago
aight first<br>
that blond chick on the left was hot as hell<br>
second, you can see him palm something right before he knocks all the icecubes into the cups<br>
probably a thin string that was under the cubes<br>
thats a really dumb trick
12 years ago
that blonde one really was hot, didn´t care for the rest of the vid...
12 years ago
if you go through it frame by frame you can see the coin bounce off the bottle then from cube to cube so why would he need to be palming anything?
12 years ago
Wow you guys are idiots. Ever heard of a phenomenon called "editing"? This magical force that lets a human alter video clips to make things appear where there was once nothing...

Look and listen to the reactions of everyone. Totally fake, fucktards.

"uh, sweeeeet..."
12 years ago
^^ whoa, he used quotes. everyone back off
12 years ago
hahaha Odds you are the fucktard...could it be that this is possible???? YES! its actually piss easy, if you are so bored, try it! haha, youre such a wanker for that post.
12 years ago

In this one, you can actually see what the hell is going on.
12 years ago
ice cubes and coin are magnetic. thats why both times he palms the other coin. lame but maybe the boner got laid from it.
12 years ago
Odds- what is this "editing" of which you speak?
12 years ago
yah upon further inspection it does look like the coin hits everything<br>
but he clearly palms something<br>
then he places his hand under the table<br>
i just dont know whats going on besides that<br>
ah and now that i just saw the clear version of that, its clearly edited<br>
Odds was correct
12 years ago
horse toothed bitch. yuck.
12 years ago
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