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Ad for Dragon Ball Game

wow, looks nice, i'd buy this shit dbz is a fukn classic


by An|mCe

submitted July 3rd 2006

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is it an rpg? or just another 2-d fighting game? btw, i thought the graphics for the vid were great, they added realistic detail to it, while staying true to the cartoon.
12 years ago
HIB, if I remember correctly DBZ: Sparkings is mearly the Japanese name for DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi for the PS2.
12 years ago
sadly but true, Kodega is right, i found that out after submitting the video, nice ad either way
12 years ago
^well then this is out of date and gay. i want a rpg dbz for the ps2.
12 years ago
i forgot the names for all the dudes lol
12 years ago
Goku rules all
12 years ago
i wish dragon ball was this crazy of graphics for games, most of them are koo for a while, then they suck balls afterwards, the best ones so far to me is legacy of goku for the GBA
12 years ago
WTF nerds.
12 years ago
1. thats called 3d with nice shaders
2. it's not going to look anything like this in-game
3. did anyone notice goku had a nice ass?
12 years ago
Alright. First off. Cell shading, people. Secondly, Dragonball/Dragonball Z/GT are ALL fucking retarded. I watched this series briefly as a kid and thought it was stupid as shit. Half a season for a fucking fight scene.. ridiculous...
12 years ago
tokyo you are the one whos retarded....thats how every fuckin series is on TV
12 years ago
^^really? i didnt remember The Simpsons having fight scenes that went on for half a season?
12 years ago
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