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nfl's hardest hits

this is a very good example of why american football players wear pads; granted, some of the hits are kinda weak, but would do a lotta damage without pads and please, none of this manly/gay shit. it's stupid. we dont watch because it's manly, we watch cuz it's entertaining.


by rucifee

submitted July 3rd 2006

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nice. At least it was entertaining.
12 years ago
Yeah, but every year they pass new rules about how you can tackle people, or even touch people. The NFL seems to be trying to turn American football into some wimpy form of flag football. Good video though, to bad about 1/4 of those tackles are how illegal under current rules.
12 years ago
ya that is pretty gay but entertaining video
12 years ago
The NFL needs more people like John Lynch who don't care about the new rules on tackling and just knock the shit out of people anyway, take the stupid fine, and do it again the next week. Soon they'll have red cards in the NFL for hits like that, and there will be no rush home from church on Sundays. :'(
12 years ago
World's most boring sport. Huddle for a minute-and-a-half, then a 1 1/2-second play that nets you 3 yards, then another minute-and-a-half huddle. It's like watching paint dry.
12 years ago
I hate Limp Biscuit. The worste is when you have to eat it.
12 years ago
^^ Then perhaps you'd like rugby <league> all the stopping and starting but more free flowing and the pauses are roughly a few seconds.

That guy that landed and bounced square on the top of his helmet was brutal.

Some nice hits but deliberate head-high tackles aren't entertaining. Question: were helmets orignally intended to protect the player or give them a chance to use it against the opposition?
12 years ago
ya but the rugby players arent nearly as large or strong, making the hits much less entertaining and much less brutal. if these guys werent wearing pads, thered be more than a few deaths every year.

however i will say that football isnt my favorite sport. it can be fun to watch if your home team is having a big game, but otherwise i prefer to watch other sports like basketball.
12 years ago
hotshot are you fucking retarded? Why would rugby players be any smaller than american players? Look at these guys for example..


Do they look any smaller than american football players? The only reason they look bigger is because of the huge amounts of protection they wear, those shoulderpads and everything add a lot to their size.

More evidence that hotshot don't know shit
12 years ago
^ Actually probably the only famous rugby player that could pass for one of the bigger American football player is Jonah Lomu.

About a decade ago they thought rugby could learn something from the Americans. They brought some Americans across and the results weren't promising. It's not that they couldn't hit hard (they definitely did and harder than the rugby players) but they just could not do it again and again for the whole match whereas the rugby players could consistantly hit hard.

Despite the Americans having had a superior training regime, their size became their biggest handicap as they couldn't even make their huge tackles anyway and by the end were too puffed out to make or avoid any tackles.

The fundamentals have diverged between the two sports to the point where the desirable physical composition athletes themselves have changed. Rugby doesn't have as many crunching tackles because the idea is to try (harder than gridiron at least) and avoid them rather than recreate a trainwreck.
12 years ago
xenox, those rugby players look pretty average sized to me.
perhaps you should watch football, and the first time you see a 6'8 385 pound lineman, with a bench press of over 600 pounds, then youll begin to understand what i mean by large.

and those are just the college players.
12 years ago
i'd have to agree with hotshot, rugby players really are 'smaller'.
12 years ago
American football is entertaining for all the wrong reasons... as a sport, its not all that. The stop start thing is annoying.
12 years ago
U guys may think im crazy but size really doesnt mean shit in the nfl. Most of them hits are from line backers and cornerbacks and corner backs are some the smallest players in the league. But Im sorry when you start talking about who is bigger rugby players are tastey little treats to O line and D line players of the NFL. U really cant compare the 2. 2 very diffrent styles of sports believe it or not. As u prolly know or not.
12 years ago
oh look, it's the all too predictable debate on rugby vs. football.

look. I will sum it up in two sentences so that all you fucktards will stop bitching.

football players hit harder. rugby players have more stamina.

oh, and jonah lomu is awesome. Go All blacks!
12 years ago
football players are bigger, PERIOD. you guys didnt even talk about offensive linemen, arguably the biggest players on the feild. look at Bob Sapp, your typical O-line player who played for the Chicago Bears.


And here's Terell Owens, a wide reciever, a position for speed and agility.


and you also got linebackers who are just as big as linemen but faster like ray lewis, lavar arrington, and Brian Urlacher.
12 years ago
Hey dipshit fucko sancho. My post earlier mentions O line and D line so read the stuff before commentting next time.
12 years ago
lol its worren sapp. most of thease where back in the day when u coule hit the kicker and the QB as hard as u want. none of this pussie shit getting fined and shit. the ultmite was the "assassin" on the on the raiders a wile back parilized some fool
12 years ago
heh, i just realized that cowher slaps his players ass and then glances at it as he walks away.
12 years ago
I played Division 1 D-Line and Wedge-Buster for kick teams; then later Prop for my school's Rugby club. I never, EVER hit a Rugby player as hard as I hit somebody in American Football. Maybe us Yanks play some pussified version of Rugby... Yes - The pads make all the difference, but they also allow one to deliver a CRUSHING blow.
12 years ago
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