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A somewhat average intor to our movie being made, actual movie will be nuts!!


by tanskithemanski

submitted July 3rd 2006

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yea.. ok good luck with that. One kid runs around dancing in his underwear and calls himself "partyboy," how original!
12 years ago
wow lame asses they should get beat up just for thinking their tight for copying jackass
12 years ago
I say don't waste anymore time than you already have making this and spare humanity the torture of knowing that this exists.

When our species dies out, I do not want another intelligent lifeform uncovering this and extrapolating how homo sapien lived thanks to your inane attempt at entertainment.

Good films are when you laugh because it was supposed to be funny or cringe when it was supposed to be embarrassing. The fact you can make people cringe when you're trying to be funny is not a double accomplishment in fact it demonstrates how woeful this attempt is.

Keep trying.
12 years ago
They must have made this when Jackass was really popular, because there is no way someone is retarded enough to make such a sub-par attempt at recreating jackass. I refuse to believe it. No way.
12 years ago
Sorry, last post seemed confusing once I posted it. I meant that no one is retarded enough to try to make a movie like this now. The key word was now. I left that out in the first one. Again, sorry for the terrible misunderstanding.
12 years ago
12 years ago
Seriously, this was the lamest thing I've seen in a long time. I hope this isn't the most productive thing you imbeciles have produced while at school.
12 years ago
why? why would you guys do that to yourself? stop! stop right now! dont procede in humiliating yourself on the internet, NO ONE IS GOING TO LIKE YOU FOR THIS, on the contrary! just as Cotb said, "The fact you can make people cringe when you're trying to be funny is not a double accomplishment in fact it demonstrates how woeful this attempt is" and believe me, you made me cringe alright! no one will laugh at this piece of crap you call a movie. originality really does count!

i guess youre the kind of guys that try to copy jackass and send footage to MTV, thats just fucking pathetic.
i would like to continue this rant but i dont want you guys to cry, so this is where it ends.
12 years ago
fucking stupid! i want my 4 minutes back!
12 years ago
im really angry about this<br>
and the worst part is they arent even good renditions of other peoples ideas<br>
if youre gonna get hit in the nuts come up with your own way to do it or rip someone off and make it look good<br>
i dont think its possible these kids were even laughing when they were MAKING this horrendous piece of footage<br>
12 years ago
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