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What I've Been Doing Instead of Fixing Video Uploads

Making tiny burritos to feed to hamsters


by yak

submitted May 7th 2014

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4 years ago
8 months ago
Yes, we know you are. I told you before, this is not the most constructive way to out yourself.
8 months ago
Shut it you
8 months ago
8 months ago

8 months ago
sing along, dude!!! hahaha!!!

To the one true God above:
here is my prayer -
not the first you've heard, but the first I wrote.
(not the first, but the others were a long time ago).
There are two people here, and I want you to kill them.
Her - she can go quietly, by disease or a blow
to the base of her neck,
where her necklaces close,
where her garments come together,
where I used to lay my face...
That's where you oughta kill her,
in that particular place.
Him - just fucking kill him, I don't care if it hurts.
Yes I do, I want it to,
fucking kill him but first
make him cry like a woman,
(no particular woman),
let him hold out, hold back
(someone or other might come and fucking kill him).
Fucking kill him.
Kill him already, kill him.
Fucking kill him, fucking kill him,
Kill him already, kill him,
Just fucking kill him!
8 months ago
Not enough beard to be yak. Fake
4 years ago
4 years ago
A fatass though
4 years ago
Fuck hamsters
4 years ago
That's about all you could satisfy with that tiny peen of yours...
4 years ago
It satisfies your mum ok
4 years ago
A man does need a hobby outside of work.
4 years ago
You're fucking annoying
4 years ago
I go metal detecting
4 years ago

8 months ago
"Porno star arrives..
No English, no money.
Two things:
A cock like a stallion and an iron will.
He becomes famous.
It's a kind of fame you can never understand.
Full of cocaine and cosmetics, mafiosi and prosthetics.
Back in the box"
8 months ago
Way to zeke it up, yak.
4 years ago
Fucking yak
4 years ago
Hamsters are such gluttons
4 years ago
Otters would use a knife and fork. just sayin
4 years ago
But not a table.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Does this mean my sub is in limbo waiting to be fixed?
4 years ago
4 years ago
oh possum.
4 years ago
the last 10 seconds are the best
4 years ago
8 months ago
HEY CLAUDE, HEY POSS! Feel like taking a road trip? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jvmU09rrR_I
8 months ago
That would be cute
8 months ago
Breakfast at the Blue Line Diner and they’d get to meet Marcel Dionne, too.
8 months ago
Then again, a possum, a shark, and a cat on a road trip? Don’t tell Disney or Dreamworks.
8 months ago
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