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Real Asian Gangsters at Chinatown Syd Australia

ok these guys ive seen them around, they cant fight for crap as indivduals and only fights in a pack. Stupid asian gangsters think they are so good, check out the guy that missed his massive swing uppercut lol you hear the girls saying "david david david stop david!" hope you enjoy it


by fishingraider

submitted July 1st 2006

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My 80yr old grannny could take this lot on
12 years ago
And is she dead?
12 years ago
you forgot to mention that they are a horrible shot. they tried shooting around my friend to scare him off but they actually almost hit him :/ damn 13 year old vietnamese...
12 years ago
I don't know about you lot but I saw a lot of action in that clip.

The Australian-Asian gangsta, typically a shopping centre nuisance although they can become a menace if they are in groups, brandishing a machete or feel their dealing is under threat. Fighting to save face in front of their girl/car is another typical trait although it usually ends up with the "David, David, David!" you just witnessed.
12 years ago
When you said real asain gangsters i was hoping for yakuza or triad.
12 years ago
there were two seconds of fight in that clip<br>
what a waste of time
12 years ago
damn asians. little, funny, silly sausasges.
12 years ago
12 years ago
anyone know of a good FREE site to which i can host some videos i have in order to post them on here? i dont think putfile will work.
12 years ago
what kind of a fucking slant is named David anyway.
this video sucked ass.
It's hard to find the worste most boring fight video on the internet, but this is a contendor. congrats.
12 years ago
^^Yourfilehost.com or Flurl.com does the job
12 years ago
awww another 2.9 seconds of suck....

>>> Insert horribly trendy racist remarks here <<<

12 years ago
Where's my fucking fortune cookie?!?
12 years ago
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