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Claycat's THE RAID


I don't know if this has been uploaded before. Buts its pure genius. Enjoy


by SuperD

submitted May 3rd 2014

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3 years ago
"I don't know if this has been uploaded before."
It's called a search, fucktard.
3 years ago
Well....has it?
3 years ago
* Vomitcircus searches *
3 years ago
I can't wait to find out!
3 years ago
Yes it has! But a spastic called it something different. Lol
3 years ago
Are you new to the internet? All I had to do was search "clay."
3 years ago
Welcome to Mucho
3 years ago
Sorry. "Clay" only has it show up on the 1st page. =(
3 years ago
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