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Jackass running around a theme park shouting OOF

Crazy-off-his-head guy runs around a theme park with an electronic sign shouting OOF, much to the bemusement of everyone around him.


by Dab_the_man

submitted July 1st 2006

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What a Jerk-oof
12 years ago
"Brilliant"? "Genius"?
12 years ago
12 years ago
...Was the guy retarded?
12 years ago
wait wait wait... so, basically... we had:
a dude smoking a corncob pipe
a white dude with an afro
and a jackass yelling "oof" with one of those faggot raver toys.
Is this a fucking Entourage spinoff or something?
12 years ago
ummm... e?
12 years ago
No, he was british... not much different though.
12 years ago
i was hoping he would have got clotheslined lol
12 years ago
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