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How star wars should have ended.

Yup. THis makes a little more sense.


by K-Billy

submitted July 1st 2006

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ok, never thought of the Death Star blowing up the main Yavin planet...
12 years ago
Maybe it takes a while for the death star to recharge so it was faster to go around the planet. For that matter, why couldn't the inter-galactic spacevessel just go around the stupid planet?

Fuck... I'm talking about Star Wars plot. I suck.
12 years ago
Finally someone with the same logic and who actually made a cartoon to prove it. I always thought blowing up Yavin would have been enough to destroy the moon, what with all the massive chunks of planet randomly flying away. I guess the Empire were just planetary conservationists too.
12 years ago
they couldnt destroy it because they were in its orbit it seems<br>
but they never explained why they needed to orbit it
12 years ago
OK, here are some explanations for your problems. The Death Star does have hyperspace capability. But when it arrived in the Yavin System, they had to reappear far enough away from Yavin so they wouldn't risk hitting it! Once they were in the system, they can't use hyperspace to zip around Yavin to the moon with the Rebel base, because hyperspace isn't exact enough for short distances. And the Death Star can't blow up Yavin, because it's a gas giant, not a planet, and they can't fire through it because the gas would dissipate the destruction beam. And yes, I'm a giant Star Wars nerd for coming up with these answers!
12 years ago
Well, I don't know jack shit about Star Wars, but gas giants have solid cores, so you could blow that up, I geuss...
12 years ago
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