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Fun with Ron and Nancy!

This pretty much explains the whole Reagan era.


by My_Balls_Itch

submitted June 29th 2006

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it all makes sense now.
12 years ago
Magically delicious.
12 years ago
Ironically, the last couple sentences he "said" were true...
12 years ago
haha, that's pretty good!!
12 years ago
This got turned into a song a few years back too.
12 years ago
thats extremely well done. what tv statio nwas that on?
12 years ago
It's from 'Night Flight'. It was a kickass show back during the 80s that ran on the USA network. They would run something like 5 to 7 hours of it in the middle of the night.

It was a collection of really cool underground videos, music from bands that MTV wouldn't touch, animations, student & indy films and crazy shit like this.

You can find copies of it on eBay and a few other places. If you can get your hands on it, it's well worth it.

12 years ago
well done, i thought that was actually real until nancy started talking. good job whoever that was.
12 years ago
Nancy Reagan has a big Head..
12 years ago
Nah, progressed alzheimers explains the Reagan era. Most popular president EVER! Total vegetable with Bush sr. (the ex CIA head) as the VP. Hmmmmmmmm. Couldn't make this shit up.
12 years ago
thanks MBI, i wish i had fucking known about it back then. it soudns kickass. like basicaly what sites like mucho sucko are today.
12 years ago
^ NO,NO,NO,NO, it really, really isn't. How can you even compare them? I'm too lazy to pint out all the reasons why, but oh well. I loved this clip. I also love exene from x.
12 years ago
^dude im just comparing it to current websites. i didnt mean the mucho sucko signature of close to unbarable to watch things, i just mean daily content of humor and eidted videos. get that sand out of your vagina for christ sake.
12 years ago
South Park is my show bitch!
12 years ago
@ Ammonia - There is not one website on Earth which comes close to Night Flight.
It's that simple.

That's not to try and take away from any site, it's to say that Night Flight was not only way ahead of it's time, but it was also the only thing like it. There are countless websites with gross, dead, fucked up people, jokes, funny images and clips. There is really nothing originial about them - Night Flight on the other had was originial.

Unless you were around to see it at the time, odds are you'll never understand.

@HIB - I have a large collection of clips from the show (and somewhere around here I have a crate of video tapes from it) if you're interested in any of stuff PM me and I'll hook you up.
12 years ago
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