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The Ass Pennies Story

I will never look at money the same again


by Stephen

submitted June 28th 2006

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You've chosen one of the greatest UCB clips of season 1 (Little Donnie is another good one. Bucket of Truth...DAMN they got so many).

Thanks for posting this.
12 years ago
That was really good.
12 years ago
1 year ago
Sorry, what is UCB? I want to see more.
12 years ago

1 year ago
that was fucking great!
12 years ago
balls, you're american, right? Upright Citizens Brigade
12 years ago
^ No I'm not, thank gods, I'm Canadian.
12 years ago
Boreman of the Chair suxx.
12 years ago
This was quite good.
12 years ago
Don't write checks that your ass can't cash!
12 years ago
Funny, fabreeze! Reminds me of the bald Back to the Future principal from Top Gun.

To the gutless American haters: thank you for supporting the American way of life. Continue to hate us online as you spend money to watch our movies, listen to our music, and envelope yourself in our lifestyle--all the time railing against us on this beautiful pixel machine.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. Pimpin' ain't easy. True dat. DOUBLE TRUE.
12 years ago
I knew those pennies tasted funny...
12 years ago
lol, man that was hilarious, especialy towards the end. ima have to check this show out.
12 years ago
that show rocks<br>
you know someone tried that shit after seeing this clip<br>
Walken, stop ranting
12 years ago
that shit was funny as hell. thanks for posting that.
12 years ago
This show was fuckin halllarrriooouuussssss. Does anyone have season 2 and 3? Is it as good as season 1?
12 years ago
this was funny
2 years ago
Upright Citizens Brigade. Good show.
2 years ago
only just found a clip, was gonna post but good job didn't and 10 yr old video, doh
2 years ago
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