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Another Guy Getting Tazered

This looks like so much fun!


by yak

submitted June 27th 2006

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"Give it to h'em again!" "NO NO NoAAHHHHH!!!"


I like how they shock him again before he recovers from the first one when they know your body locks up.
12 years ago
"I'm just mad at the world man, I never do anything right."

Someone will have to explain to me why he was tazered in the first place when it didn't <seem> he was resisting very badly.
12 years ago
Because man... he didn't respect their athori-tah!
12 years ago
"I'm just mad at the world man, I never do anything right."

That, combined with the tazering actually made me feel sorry for the guy.
12 years ago
I didn't see the dude resist at all. Even if he was, the fuckin pig didn't need to give him a second jolt. He didn't put his hands behind his back probably because he locked up, like Star250 said. You can tell why cops aren't rocket scientists.
12 years ago
Taze him again, he looked like a badass anyway.
12 years ago
He should have stopped when the cops turned the lights on.
12 years ago
LOL give it to em again!!

"no yayayayayaya!!! okyayaya okayayayayay"

I wounder if they get a kick out of tazering people like that legally, btw no resistence at all and tazering the person wasnt necessary at all...well probably the first one but not the second. =]
12 years ago
i want a tazer, send me one you fat yanks
12 years ago
Resistance doesn't always have to be visible. You have no way of knowing what that guy did, but "failing to stop for the police" is probably gives a good indication. If the dude just locks his arms up, he's resisting. The use of force continuum dictates that the police are entitled to escalate the use of force one step than the one faced, and physical resistance is responded to by use of ASP, taser, mace etc. You come at them with a weapon, i.e. knife, shovel, chain etc, you could probably expect to be shot.
I honestly don't understand why ppl are still arguing this. You think that the police should be all "polite and nice" but knowing full well the guy would stick them without a second thought but everyone is still cryin "why?"
Fuckin liberals and they're love the criminal's rights attitude. You shit all over the police for doin a tough job that is attempting to bring order to this fucked up world, that allows your kids to go to school without fear of being run over by some drunken fuck, allows you to go to the supermarket without worried about being mugged on the way home, and you know what? If it so happens that you do, it is probably by some guy that your "rights" let go. You're the first ones to scream for the police when you need them and shit all over them when it suits you. You make me fuckin sick.
12 years ago
^^ Only in America
12 years ago
first off, that guy is my fucking hero.

secondly, i dont consider myself a brilliant person, but even i understand that when you shock someone their muscles tense up, and asking someone to relax their hands just after delivering multiple electrical shocks is like asking tiredguy to stop being such a dumb piece of shit.
12 years ago
If he wasn't letting the piggies get his hands behind his back, then they might well have been justified. He was huge and could well have forced them into a physical stand-off in the position he was in be keeping his hands in front of him when ordered otherwise. Also, we don't know how long this was going on for, or what he had been told before they zapped him, but he already had the prongs in him. This suggests that this a wee bit of an ongoing confrontation.

And how were the cops supposed to know that he wasn't armed? He hadn't been following their orders. If he starts stuggling, throws them off, and yanks a weapon before being gunned down, then everyone is all over the cops for failing to restrain him when they had a chance.

Having said all this, I'm not one for blind support of police tactics, since many police are brutal, racist pigs. But I think there was more to this clip than it first seems.
12 years ago
But yeah, the second blast seems excessive.
12 years ago
OMFG any who argues that cops this and cops that is obviously a cop.

1. No one likes the cops either your on one side of the law and you dont like them because they dont fucking solve anything or your on the other side and you dont like them because they do shit like this beat your ass and steal from everyone.

2. Sure there are about 30 real police officers in the world actually making a difference and people actually like those ones

3. The entire police force of the world is just another gang.

4. They definately did not need to tazer that guy a second time and the camera did show the guy on his fucking knees for fuck sakes.

5. This reminds me of the numerous times where cops have done shit like after the oilers won a girl on white ave was arrested for stepping off the sidewalk then while she was handcuffed she told the cop to fuck off so he smacked her in the face and slammed her face into the cement causing thousand of dollars of dental repair. Or the time on new years when there was a guy dancing drunk with absolutely no weapons or anything and they tazered him to death.

6. How come when a cop is arrested he STILL gets fucking special rights. AKA there was a cop charged with molesting tons of underaged prostitutes put in jail but he gets his own fucking special cell thats fucking bullshit he is a fucking criminal and needs to be put in with the rest of them.

The world is such a fucked up place.
12 years ago
Lol you cant go anywhere without fear fucking dumbass. say that to those lebs that let the nigger in the building and then got shot. Where the fuck were police??? Or how about the children that are beaten or molested every fucking day, Where the fuck were the police? Or how about all the elderly that are fucking beat up and robbed, Where the fuck were you or the police???

Oh yea you were out molesting, beating, tazering, shooting, robbing, Speeding, abusing your rights, Oh and arresting 60 year old americans or canadians that are suspected terrorist because they have a book on human rights. fuck off lol they should have a new word for you people the useless task force. as far as i can see especially from comming to this site everyday the world is only getting worse. looks like your police are really doing a good job.

Ill give you an example of an actual justice. A mans daughter is raped and killed, The father then shows up to the court date and blows the guys head off with a shotgun, No jury or judge would convict him. Thats justice, not going out of your way to fuck up peoples days
12 years ago
lol and they wanted me to be a police officer fuck that, i am happy with firefighting atleast i am saving people everyday
12 years ago
you're a firefighter? with an attitude like that? you're a fuckin disgrace is what you are.
12 years ago
LOL at all these idiots on here who write essays on someone who gets tasered. I can sum it up for you fucktards....Looked good on the fat fucking idiot.
12 years ago
Haha, I liked how they had to link two sets of handcuffs because he was too fat.
12 years ago
And you know what? Those people that start housefires because they smoke in bed or their whole families die because they didn't install a smoke alarm, fuck them too.

Fucking firefighters always end up being the pyromaniacs, firebugs that go around setting fires so they can come along and act the hero by putting them out. Happens every summer.

Fucking up traffic because they insist on travelling to every single false alarm instead of saving cats stuck in trees.

I say we go back to the good ol' days when firefighting was literally done by your insurance company. And if your neighbour's house was on fire too but they didn't have the same brass plate with the same insurance company logo on it? Well bad luck, they had to call and wait for their own firefighters to come along.
12 years ago
You say the police is just a gang? What are your alternatives?

You either accept a monopoly of force by your government and expect occasionally that people will abuse their position of authority and hence gain personal power.

Go back to the socialist/communist/anarchist cities in Spain during their civil war and instigate worker patrols i.e. the general public is rostered. So basically you conscript the population to be a police force on itself and perhaps forego any professionalism

Or you rely on anarchy where you assume people will always be responsible for their actions.

Take your pick.
12 years ago
Saw this episode..........incomplete video....... what ya didn't see was the idiot who was drunk and wouldn't unclinch his fists, informed the cops that he would smash their dogs head in, refused to put his hands behind his back so he could be cuffed and searched. He was warned he was gonna get tazed.......... the cops tried to forceable put his arms behind his back but coldn't budge them............. Ya should've seen the size of that guys forarms and hands...............lol.......... never the less, still amusing............
12 years ago
Scarlerri i am guessing your one of those power abusing cops? How am i a disgrace because i save peoples lives, do you know how good it feels to do that?
You wouldnt if you were a cop. Or maybe i am a disgrace for pointing out something that people are too scared to do so. Police make me sick, I know a couple that are older and are nice guys and take there job seriously and the rest of you are younger punks on on power trips and need an ego check.

They need a total reform of the justice system and the entire police force, Until then tune into muchosucko.com for your latest cop abuse.

12 years ago
Nah,the guy deserved it , end of story. If you follow the law, and be a good citizen,you wont have any problems with cops. I once get caught in u.s.a. on an interstate highway by a state trooper. I told him yeah i was indeed rollin 215 km/h but damn,your highways are of great quality compared to quebec gravel roads,plus i was alone on the road,not risking life of others. And by the way ,your suit is awesome compared to the quebec officers. And your gun,i mean hell,its all chrome and stuff. If i would be a police officer, i would definitly wanted to be a U.S. of A state trooper. On this,the guy thanks me and check my papers,only to come back to my car and wish me a good end of holiday while slowing down. I was really pleased with his good attitude. Oh! and of course i stoped when he flashed his lights at me. Anyhow,just a reminder that not all officers are complete ass.
12 years ago
And they missed the part at the end, where he says;
"Man I've been shot before, but that tazer hurts man."
12 years ago
hey lex there aint much fat on him he's just one big tough motherfucker, Ive got a friend who looks a lot like that guy and at 48 years old he can still clean out a bar in about ten minutes. Beleve me those cops were scared shitless and I would be too You fire up a big old diesel engine like that then you hold on and enjoy the ride. I saw my friend drag a guy across a slate pool table then tip the table over on him.
12 years ago
Yes, take your pick, with chairman, you dont really know where he stands. But he does have a lot to say however, and that means.... something.

Anyway, Scalerri, that was a great point. Up until you started in with the liberal stuff. Everyone knows what liberals think of police. They all hate them until they are getting robbed and need them. Anyway, great point, but see, now instead of people refuting your point, they will just focus on the liberal part of your rant. Case in point, retard Kabuki.

Kabuki is not a firefighter. It took him three posts in a row to finally confess? Sha right. Or did he just want to stir the pot a little more? Me thinks someone is faking.

And Iloseatlife. That was a very funny zinger at TG. LOL!
12 years ago
kabuki, i cannot imagine that you would ever be in any position to save anyones life. If you actually were a firefighter, you would know that most cops are there as your team and you work together with them, and you're out on most of the calls they are. My guess, is you're an aspiring firefighter, maybe a little too young yet, perhaps your hatred of cops comes from some night where you had your dimebag dumped out in front of you and you resentfully hold a grudge. Or maybe, you're old enough, but just too fuckin stupid to pass any of the tests, so you like to go around calling yourself a firefighter and raggin on the cops because they pulled your ass over one night comin home from the bar, after a no-doubt really stressful day at your management position at the local Burger joint.

Oh, and no, I'm not power hungry. I just want to go home at the end of the day and see my family. I'll be damned if I let some scumbag out there who feels like him breakin the law shouldn't warrant him going to jail try to stop me from goin home. I will put you into a bodybag if I feel like my life or anyone elses is in jepordy and I'll be damned if I'm goin to go hand to hand with someone just because some people think that cops should be able to because they're "trained to". Fuck you. Fuck you and your pea sized little brain.

Here's a little rule even you can understand. Obey the law = You'll probably never run into the cops. Break the law = you'll be seein them all the time. What the fuck is the issue here?
12 years ago
Even if you can't work it out sometimes (somehow suggesting that if you don't know, no-one else does), why do you need to know where I stand?
12 years ago
Scalerri Yea okay if you only knew what most people think of the police. Think whatever you want lol its not like it makes a difference here. Cops do hurt innocent people it has happened Alot. I dont do drugs for one so no, no one has dumped out a dime bag infront of myself, I dont drink either, As far as i am concerned drinking and doing drugs is for people that need to escape reality.
Does it make you feel good to make up stupid shit about people working at burger management jobs, you feel more powerful now??? or calling them junkies this is probably what you think about half the world and where my and many others hatred comes from.

Firefighting = a call comes in and you get your ass as fast as possible to the place and do whatever you can to save people or assist them until the paramedics arrive.

Police = Drive around and look for trouble or cause some if you cant find any. I am from canada and i am not fucking lying buddy this is exactly how the fucking retard cops are here. And i can only imgaine they are of equal caliber or worse everywhere else
12 years ago
My issue is that the cops are way overpowered and need to be put back a couple notches. They also need to stop driving aruond looking for trouble and start responding to calls within a fair time instead of fucking 1hr or 2hrs. I could go on about this but.

My point Police = need a big fucking change

Your point Police = Godly and everyone else is burger joint junkies
12 years ago
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