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Keep Your Eye on The Road

This is what happens when you are too busy watching the camera.


by yak

submitted June 25th 2006

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cut! okay, let's try that again...but with a little less dumbass this time.
12 years ago
Nice. Pity there was no aftermath recorded, neither injury or hissy fit.
12 years ago
For as fast as he was coming in he probably did the best thing he could for giving him and the other rider a chance at walking away. Layin the bike down usually is the safest bet.
12 years ago
No, the "safest bet" is not to get on a bike if your left nut is larger than your cerebrum.
12 years ago
I agree with you Chairman..i was about to post that.

I don't even care about the wreck. I want to see a legbone hangin' out or a crumpled up motorcycle.

Keep the camera rolling...Film the bad and the good.
12 years ago
12 years ago
anyone else here the guy yell shit right at the end?
12 years ago
I think everyone heard shit
12 years ago
Yay! More videos giving sport riders a bad name. What an idiot though...
12 years ago
ik think it wasnt the guy that fell who yelled "shit"
12 years ago
The dumbass could just steer away from this wreck, insted of braking in a straight line in a panic mode.And the guy at the end yelled BIIiiiitch! Not shiiit!
12 years ago
That was awsome! hahha, didnt' like the tires squeeling at the end..kinda hurt my ears
12 years ago
Yeah, and I don't know what you saw, but that was definetaly not "laying the bike down" unless by that you mean losing control of the rear end and locking the front brake up so you flip over the handlebars as you hit the guy you're trying to avoid, then yeah, he "layed it down" perfectly.
12 years ago
Although the real idiots here are all these guys making a video on an open road. I just wish it was a semi instead of a bike that came up behind them.

I hate people that use public roads for there own little play area. I really wish they would all have stupid wrecks like this and die. Clean the gene pool and we would all be better off.
12 years ago
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