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United Commercial

Pretty nicely done commercial that makes the footage look like its a living painting.


by yak

submitted June 25th 2006

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this could totally be used for an acid trip im surprised at this i thought this kabuki woman on the front was gonna do some stupid nasty shit eating jap shit but animated well fuckin congrats
12 years ago
Do you think your funny?

Than why say random stupid shit to make yourself look like a hyperactive 13 yr old.

Why does anyone say stupid shit? In the hopes that SOMEONE out there is going to appreciate their pre-pubescent humor?

Get a life.
12 years ago
Sorry, the point was to comment on the video.

Cool stuff.
12 years ago
@visitor Why would you think im trying to be funny?

I'm sure if anyone saw this picture at first glance people would already get the idea of some sick japanese video, if you havent already noticed those types of videos have been posted up alot lately, so please don't insult my intelligeance by compareing me with a pre-pubescent 13 year old. Insult the people who use the word "nigger" or "jap" freely as a joke and who don't know the true meaning of it.
12 years ago
It's quite stylish.

I doubt this even is Kabuki given the whole Chinese theme to the ad. I'd wager it's Peking or Cantonese Opera given the makeup.
12 years ago
redsun, i didnt even think about tghe whole japanese shit eating stuff, until you mentioned it. it all looked chinese to me. and goodluck on finding acid that isnt laced with addictive substances this day in age.
12 years ago
i thought it was pretty cool... i dont see what something like that is doing on a site like this.. but yeah red..gonna have to try exploring outside your country a little more (doesnt have to be physically).. not only is jap a really bad word to use when speaking about the japanese.. but also none of those animated characters were japanese.. you should have said chink..but they dont even eat shit
12 years ago
endulge me with your knowledge redsun! "daddy, whats a nigger?"
12 years ago
didnt you just use jap as a joke?
12 years ago
hah well..I think that was an amazing commercial, though I didn't know what United was till the end. It was all Chinese, no Japanese in it...I personally thought that it was just gonna be a real painting that when you changed the camera angles on it made it look like it was alive, oh well..still fuckin' awsome.
12 years ago
"makes the footage look like its a living painting."

fucking retard
12 years ago
yeah victorious. heres a nice pair of quotes from the same mind, on the same page." i thought this kabuki woman on the front was gonna do some stupid nasty shit eating jap shit "--------then--------"Insult the people who use the word "nigger" or "jap" freely as a joke " thats just funny.
12 years ago
C-C-C-C-C-C-Crappy Post #2!
12 years ago

"till the end"??? C'mon. Rhapsody in Blue has been United's for what, almost 20 years now? For the love of Gershwin...
12 years ago
^good song
12 years ago
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