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Highschool Fight With Some Blood

Kind of cheap at the end when the kid gets off him and he starts going at him when his back was turned.


by yak

submitted June 24th 2006

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...shut the fuck up.
12 years ago
At least most of it was a fist fight instead of those lame fight videos where they tackle each other straight away and just kinda roll around...
12 years ago
@iniquity yeah i hate those fight where they just tackle each other down and gain no kind of process of fuckin each other up instead they fight like stupid bitches with people keep tellin them what to do those people needed take after videos like this and just "get em kory!!!! get em!!!! wahh wahh wahh!!! get em!!! elbow!!!! knee!!! cock in the eye kory put your cock n that niggers eye!!!!"
12 years ago
.......all this over a two year old beer..........

And the guy with the goofy look on his face in the last frame is by far the best.
12 years ago
time to go home for some milk and cookies
12 years ago
I want to start my own videos of highschool kids talking out their problems. I think it would be a hit.
12 years ago
Not a bad fight.

Who was the dick that shouted "HIT HIM NIGGER".
12 years ago
who was the retard shouting in the back ground
12 years ago
hey look, the fight remained one on one the whole time.
All it took was a nigger free environment.
someone said to me, i'd like to see you say these things in detroit and come out alive. I had to agree with him. You see, he's exactly right. Monkeys are the only race that's criminally insane enough to kill someone over a word.
12 years ago
i fucking hate whiteboy fights....
12 years ago
yeah, i agree, no old ladies get curb stomped, and no one gets shot in the back of from a moving vehicle. how boring.
12 years ago
Pick your shots!!! How much energy did they waste throwing wild swings.
Use straights and compact hooks.
12 years ago
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