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Lady With No Arms

Goes through her daily routines... Must have been difficult to do this.


by yak

submitted June 23rd 2006

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She hates the YMCA song...
12 years ago
I know I normally say that I take no pleasure in making fun of people with real issues... however her BF is fair game.
he must have a serious foot fetish
12 years ago
well thats cool, that like she lives a normal life and has kids... right on!!
12 years ago
wait... how does she masturbate?
12 years ago
lets give this lady a round of applause..o wait...oops i wanna see some chick just like that getting fucked or her using her legs to pump a dildo inside her cooch pretty interesting
12 years ago
soterodelgado you dumbass - she uses her feet to masturbate ......

she could do more things with her feet than most of the idiots on here can do with all of their limps.
12 years ago
so does she shake feet as a welcome?
12 years ago
Every week she goes to a stretching specialist and he stretch her out.....Am i the only pervert here? Fap Fap Fap
12 years ago
Good thing she wasn't born deaf too.
12 years ago
I like the BF's comment that she gets a lot of looks etc! Has it occurred to hime than other than the fact she has no arms she is a very attractive women with a very nice natural body!!!!
12 years ago
This just proves a woman doesn't need much to turn me on. Footjob ftw.

She kind of reminds me of that electronic mule. If I kick her from the side I wonder if she can maintain her balance.
12 years ago
Yeah, holding someone's foot is just as good as holding their hand. Especially if they just got done walking around on their hands. Because, you know, feet are as clean as hands. Speaking of sanitary: How would you like to eat her cooking?

If "pretty much anything you can do with your hands, [she] can do with [her] feet", then I guess opposing thumbs are overrated. Let's see her climb a rope.
12 years ago
i wonder how she wipes her ass
12 years ago
haha i have two arms and you doooonnnnnn't
12 years ago
yea...how does the bitch wipe her ass....must be some pretty flexible feet to that
12 years ago
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