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Extreme Ladder Race

This rocks!


by yak

submitted June 23rd 2006

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Extreme Ladder Race!
12 years ago
Given the distance one can fall, this has the potential to be deadly, doesn't it?
12 years ago
12 years ago
Wow! I thought it was going to be really stupid. those guys look like fucking spider-man
12 years ago
Dude, that was fucking hardcore!!
I thought it would be stupid, but that shit is awesome.
12 years ago
that was amazing
12 years ago
whoa whoa first time for everything people just makin up new sports everyday theres also another impressive competion called "extreme ironing" shit is weird but interesting also people ironing cloths n shit in high trees makes no sense but w/e
12 years ago
haha that was pretty awesome....now we just need some clips of people falling....
12 years ago
I don't care how much skill you exhibit, you're still just a fucking house painter. "OOOOooo, it's sooooo hardcore!" Twats.
12 years ago
i thought it was gonna be a horizontal ladderrace when i saw the thumbnail, but this was 10 times better!
12 years ago
believe me your hart pounds after one of these races, look at how fast.
12 years ago
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