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A girls adventure in the city


This girl arrives in the trainstation and rings home to say shes arrived. Walking home however, she rings to say she might be late. But she has a little surprise for her parents when she gets home :) In all seriousness, this girl is stunning. 18+


by Theck

submitted June 22nd 2006

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I can't believe he didn't went for it, were they not Japanese ?
12 years ago
Theck are we only scratching the surface of your "collection"?
12 years ago
Theck seems to like the girls with the bladder control issues...
12 years ago
i was thinking she was going strip naked then pee. anyway, she needs help.
12 years ago
disgusting people
12 years ago
she should have worn brown trousers, then it wouldn't have shown so much
12 years ago
im always expecting to see if something else happens in these videos but noooooooooooooooooo same nasty weird japenanese girl shitting out bright yellow/dark green shit (sometimes with a hint of some sort of chunky nuts) in her pants all the time and people fap to this commonly out there i bet...fuck -___-

(__)_)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!D~~~~~~ (-___^)
12 years ago
the possibilitys are endless for these shit -ended movies
12 years ago
I thought it was something else until the piss ran down her leg, this shit is getting border line insest porn, like these people get sexual gratification from shiting themselves so by having your parent clean is fucking insest in some way, no!

How much lower can you go theck i bet this is nothing compared to the illegal stuf you have.
12 years ago
Incest flies over there too, fuz.
12 years ago
This shit ought to be illegal here in the USA.
12 years ago
i still dont get this, do people wank over it or is it just the shock thing, couldnt think of anything more of a put off if a lass shit her self in bed, unless she was really hot i'd kick her out of bed for farting,
12 years ago
Why the fuck do they do these clips???i mean who watches this shit..........lol me
12 years ago
She looks like she's really enjoying it too. It suprises me when they actually get a fairly cute girl to do this stuff. Fuck that, send her here so I can fuck her brains out and put that shit on film.
12 years ago
you know what the most disturbing thing about theck's vids is? The fact that he does actually have a shit fetish...he knows it disgusts us, and he jerks off knowing how repelled all of the hot young boys are. That's my opinion anyway, why else would he post them in the way he does?
12 years ago
So....she shits her pants in a phone booth and decides to run home to show daddy her creation?
12 years ago
Theck liked shit
3 years ago
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