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Hey Chupacabra!



by Mako

submitted June 21st 2006

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uhh...am i aloud to tell people not to watch this? i watched like 30 seconds of it, then skipped forward to see if anything actualy happened.
12 years ago
yeah i say you are allowed. i watched the whole damn thing and this is like huge piles of crap taped together! i bet this shit can suck a golfball through a garden hose, thats how bad this is.
first of all i didnt get to see shit because it was all blurry like hell, the music was terrible and i dont think there was a reason/thought behind this.

12 years ago
WOW! Really pixilated stuff (can't tell what) set to bad music. I'm sold!
12 years ago
Hey this brought me back to the time I discovered Realplayer on a dialup connection all those years ago. Good times, thanks for helping me remember the pixel slideshows Muchosucko!
12 years ago
Words alone cannot express just how shit this is. Chupacabra is a supposed Mexican devil type thing. It is most likely an urban legend, and is just another reason in a long line of others as to why we should build a 500ft high wall and 30ft thick separating US from Mexico.

Beaners suck. Even their scary creature legends suck.

And as for that dog at the end...let it RIP now...it's so played out already. Oh no...what was that?? Oh, just that fucking 300 year old dog again.
12 years ago
CruelHM, Chupacabra is a Puerto Rican devil type thing meant to explain the killing of farm animals by predators. CruelHM you sound like a Mexican hurt you awful bad in some way. Did a beaner take your job picking berries or something? Beaners don't suck; racist bastards like you suck.
12 years ago
In any case, this is a really shitty pixelated video of another one of those supposed legendary monsters...I'd hit it
12 years ago
hey cruel, can we put a bunch of spikes and pikes shooting out of the top of the wall? so even if they get up there wit ha ladder or something, they get a spike totheir foot?
12 years ago
FOOLS!!! You can't keep Mexicans out with walls! they'd burrow under it!
12 years ago
lol I wonder how many tunnels they find on average per year to/from the u.s - mexico border?
12 years ago
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