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Sunday Bloody Sunday sung by Dubya

This must have taken a year and a day to compile and edit, I dont think I have the patience to make anything this involved.

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by dirtyrottensteve

submitted June 20th 2006

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Interesting, but there HAS to be better ways to spend your time than this.
12 years ago
I've heard this on the radio a while ago but I didn't know there was a music video to go with it.
12 years ago
He certainly knows a bit about bloody days...
12 years ago
bad ass! this is great!
12 years ago
wow, I'm mucho impressed!
12 years ago
Well played, guvnah.

Hey, let's talk about Re-Elected Nagin's awesome job in NOLA:
--->Cue the National Guard.
12 years ago
oh that reminds me
see those monkeys down in new orleans.
HAHAHA, fucking niggers.
I love it.
Let that chocolate city run rampant fucking porch monkeys.
I wish I was in the National Guard. I'd volunteer to go down there and spit on stupid niggers. I'd let them kill each other.
12 years ago
i d give whoever made this 3 thumbs up if i am that baby bron with 3 arms
and 3 middle fingers to corious George.
12 years ago
that would take mucho's of editing.
12 years ago
that isnt THAT much editing<br>
i could do that in about a day<br>
the real challenge is getting the instrumental track<br>
but if they REALLY wanted to do a good job they shoulda pitch shifted it all to make him SING it instead of rap it<br>i think im gonna do that for my final project in my Post Production Audio class
12 years ago
Brit scum
12 years ago
Credit where due. That is from RX at www.thepartyparty.com (yeah I know it has it IN the song).
He used to have a whole album up there, can't see it right now though.
12 years ago
getting the instrumental track wouldnt be that hard, you just need to take the song, take the left and right audio, compare it and eliminate anything that is contained in both, there are programs that do this... people do it for homebrew karaoke it removes the voice which is (in most songs) the same on both channels of audio.
12 years ago
Well it made me laugh, that's good enough for me *thumbs up*
12 years ago
great, just great! i didnt expect it to sound that cool.
12 years ago
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