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Smith, Rivera In NOLA

While most people have forgotten, I have not...


by RyogaVee

submitted June 19th 2006

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Me either...

And it still looks like a warzone down there...

12 years ago
great post.
12 years ago
Thank you, I have a nice collection of the CNN Katrina videos.
One im missing though is one i saw live telling the tale of a white man and his family trying to leave the city, only to be fired upon by national gaurds. yes, he, his wife and children were being shot at. and guess who saved him, a black man. CNN only played the video once. Never saw it again. still trying to find it. They also played soem raw footage of a police officer shootign a looter with a shot gun at point blank range.
12 years ago
Why are you collecting ANTI HURRICANE VIDEOS>>?? (k-billy satire)


Let me go dig my sources for that ...Try and get back to you on it tommorow.

12 years ago
I also have the video where the president of.. some safety management org said that FEMA cut the communications lines
12 years ago
Is that before or after the president ordered the NSA to turn on their big fancy weather machine and make an extra big hurricane?
12 years ago
wow, i must have hurt savage's pride pretty bad for him to randomly talk shit about me on other posts. I actually feel pretty proud. Tired Guy never did that. :(

I started to watch this, but it looked pretty long. But no worries, looks like savage is on the job! *nerd voice* "Let me go dig my sources for that ...Try and get back to you on it tommorow." Ahh, i am waiting with all the other loyal mucho's dripping with anticipation for your sage words Dr. SavageHenry. Go and get em!

LOL. Goodnight.
12 years ago


Good job on posting this. We can't forget the incompetence of our so-called leaders even though we're bombarded with new crap everyday that is beyond belief.
12 years ago
Oddly, I still support Nagin. Most mayors would have left the city and let everyone else suffer, but he stayed, with everyone else.
As for Kathleen Blanco... she’s a FUCKING bitch! When Nagin first got off air force 1 the news was on his ass pointing the finger and blaming him for everything. When he got off he talked about what happen to him on the jet and said that he, GW, and madam Governor where all making a plan to save everyone else in the city. Nagin and the president had agreed on a solution... Blanco actually said... "I need 24 hours to think about it!"
You can call him whatever you want, but Nagin is a man of the people. It’s not his fault that the state for 7 years took away funding from the levy projects. But still, none of that mattered since the government blew up the levees anyway. And if you want to call me crazy, ABC news even reported they found explosive material on the rock at the levy site. And there were eye witnesses. But hey, you won’t believe that, just like no one believes there were bombs inside WTC.
12 years ago
12 years ago
i'll tell you where the buses are, on their normal routes, morons.
The only black sympathizers in this world are the ones on TV. Everyone else you don't see being interviewed are the ones who are thinking who gives a fuck.
Most of you think you're black sympathizers but you really aren't. It's quite funny how easily these morons brainwash you.
12 years ago
MY pride?..lol

Nah I figured you would slither in here so I figured to lash you again.

And he says Goodnight ...like anyone cares.
12 years ago
savagehenry-- "Nah I figured you would slither in here so I figured to lash you again."

See? Case in point. LOL!

12 years ago
No... you are a frequenter of these msg comments...This issue is also one of your type of your anti-americanism...So if your "Case in point. LOL!" is that I knew you were going to wind up slithering in here...

Congratulations... I have witnessed the very first time you have been correct on something.

If you think it is because you "hurt my pride".

You fail again..

So now is your big chance to be right for once...I will allow you to pick.

12 years ago
I'm sorry Savage, but you are just not that convincing. You would'nt of really said anything in the first place if I had not hurt your pride. Would you? You would have just not cared. Like me!

So yes, I stand by my "case in point" statement. With the "lol" part as well.
12 years ago
OH, and i am still waiting for your dissertation on this Katrina video. I thought you were busy digging "my sources for that" You said you would, "Try and get back to you on it tommorow."

Hmm... I guess RyogaVee wont have anyone to play with in the Bash Bush sandbox.
12 years ago
I can tell how much you "dont care" by your two posts in a row...why not go for three?

See...My analysis of you using projection almost as kneejerked as you spew fascist rhetoric is proven correct.

Thank you for your fumbling absurdities into the shallow murkey kiddy pool of your psychological footing...

Anyway I am still, when time permits searching through the archives... but for an event that occured almost a year ago..you might imagine if you had the cranial capacity that there are lots of videos in my sources...as well as more then one.

So go cry your tears in your Gods lap...Bushit will pat ur lumpy toothless head...

As of yet Ryoga I have not found a video that matches your description....But if I do I will get back to you on it.

12 years ago
RyogaVee - One of my bandmates has family in that area. I'll see if I can get you the footage you mentioned and perhaps some 'local' footage.

I live in Fl and hurricanes (and being prepared) are a yearly fact in our lives.
I may have some information that you could use - pvt-message me.

Oh and while we're talking about how our leaders dropped the ball, this might be a good time to mention the serious fraud that Americans committed regarding the
F.E.M.A Emergency Debit cards. Anybody else hear about what the 'victims' purchased? Divorce, DVDs, lap dances, porn, a $200 bottle of Dom Perignon from a ‘Hooters’...the list is pretty fucked up and does not have many of the things you would expect a person in need would purchace.
But hey, life is hard without an XBOX, isn't it?

Did our leaders drop the ball? Yep.
Did our fellow Americans drop the ball? Yep!
12 years ago
By victims ...you naturally mean contractors
12 years ago
dont forget sex changes
12 years ago
"Bash Bush sandbox"
HA, you think I blame Bush for this? HA! Bush is seriously the least of our worries.
Hes a puppet, nothing less, nothing more. You want to know whats cause perl harbor, 9/11, and katrina, follow the money...
12 years ago
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