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Batting Cage Fun

Not so fun for this moron.


by yak

submitted June 19th 2006

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i'd laugh if he took one up the ass. otherwise, how do you say 'jackass rip off' in japanese?
12 years ago
im so fucking tired of seeing this pathetic bullshit attempts at attention by the chinese. Look, we realize that your culture is totally fucked up, and getting any real status is close to impossible for most of you morons, but seriously, enough with the faggot fucking japanimation (yeah, i know i said chinese and japanimation so go fuck yourself), gay ass tv shows, shit and fucking piss fetish, and crappy videos like these before we bomb your sorry asses again. I know i said chinese, eat me.
12 years ago
he deserves to have that leg ripped off and then be beaten with it.
12 years ago
The damn chinaman needs to be shat on, maybe then he'll notice his dareah roots and stay away from this shit.
12 years ago
If it hurts so much why keep doing it? Oh and you are all racist pigs.
12 years ago
"Only 300 more days untill hockey season!"

Oilers Rule!
12 years ago
me so solly! me so solly!
12 years ago
Wait a sec... You guys hate asian people but you love asian women (obsessed about them, I should say).
Where's the logic in that? That's like hating oranges but liking orange juice.

Most of my friends and some of my cousins are asian :P And as far as I can tell, they do the same shit white kids do: Listen to rap and act gangsta. :P

12 years ago
I thought he was a beaner.
12 years ago
@ buffalo ninja. where in my comment does it suggest i'm rascist? please point it out so that i'll know what to avoid saying next time. thanks awfully.
12 years ago

12 years ago
Some racism is funny, but that much is not really that funny. That much kinda proves that he is a xenophobic hillbilly retard. Go back to Alabama and beat your kids, asshole. Your petty over-the-top racist comments are what keeps your kind at the bottom of the social ladder: stupid, ugly, poor, dirty, and most likely incestive (if you have a brother/husband down there with you). I've seen his other comments, and it's all racism, and it's getting very old now. And before you pull that "someone's offended" shit, I'm not. I just like picking on retards like you and starting arguements for my amusement whenever I am bored, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it Jim-Bob-Clide.
12 years ago
5 years ago
You realize that he shut up about 4 years ago, right?
5 years ago
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