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Pokemon narrative

I found this amusing, but im also drunk right now.....


by avatar_ignis

submitted June 18th 2006

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hahah. that was funny. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? THATS NOT A POKEMON! THATS A DRAGON! THATS NOT A FUCKING POKEMON!" lol, i had to watch it a few more times it was funny.
12 years ago
LOL that was awesome. After a bad day at work theres nothing like a great laugh.

"thats a fucking mythical chinese dragon." hahahahahahaha
12 years ago
12 years ago
i swear to god they are serious. lol know whats sad? i know what pokemon that is...its dratini...i hate my knowledge.
12 years ago
i hate your knowledge too
12 years ago
I do to.

No dick, it's Dragonair. Yo yo, i'm done with this kid. This kid doesn't know shit, do you hear me? He doesn't know shit. Word to your mothe-

12 years ago
like the accent.
12 years ago
Yo they're both fucking Pikachu.
No the fucking one on the left is Pikachu.
12 years ago
the one dude almost sounded like adam sandler in billy madison or somthing...that made my day
12 years ago
ahh fuck it is dragonaire....dratini cant fly...
12 years ago
Haha Italian-American wiggers discussing Pokemon. Pretty funny but kinda sad how into their arguments they were getting.
12 years ago
i love how they are cussin each other out while arguong over the details of a childrens movie
12 years ago
*arguing. i suck.
12 years ago
chinese meth dragon. LOL!
12 years ago
he said myth not meth. i got that mixed up too
12 years ago
i dont know, i kinda think he said meth too...if he did say meth, its funnier anyways.
12 years ago
"his name isnt Snorlax, its BORLAX!!"

"shut the fuck up, you dont know shit about pokemon!"

^^best part
12 years ago
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