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Slap Boxing


by DangerousDug

submitted February 8th 2014

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You ladies need some milk after that cat fight?
4 years ago
This is exactly how I imagine a Freshie and Tr fight would go down...
4 years ago
...but with a lot more jiggling.
4 years ago
dont forget more windmilling
4 years ago
i have been boxing a few years now

lets just say i'd be willing to only use my right hand and would keep it open palm and still humble him.
4 years ago
i prefer good old fashioned grappling though because you can really enjoy the power you have over an opponent when you make them submit.
4 years ago
4 years ago
welchie pussied out of fighting dush already
4 years ago
had a chance for double or nothing and, like a punk, did not accept
4 years ago
by the way, do you know what is really believable online?

guys that talk about their prowess regarding fisticuffs.

they're like navy seals with 300 confirmed kills and shit.
4 years ago
what if i said i only had 299?
4 years ago
Dude in the hat had some quick hands.
4 years ago
Gay foreplay?
3 years ago
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