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Meatwad and Brak do pulp fiction

Meatwad and Brak do a scene from Pulp Fiction


by JuggaloFromHell

submitted June 17th 2006

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damn that was hilarious.
12 years ago
that was awsome...makes me wanna go watch pulp fiction though. so where did they get the voices from anyways?
12 years ago
thats meatwad from aqua teen hunger force.
12 years ago
Yeah, time to watch Pulp Fiction again.
12 years ago
hahaha ATHF is the shit...and that shows it right there....god i need to start watchin that again
12 years ago
smatchy no shit, did you figure that out all by yourself or did you use the submitted title to help you? i was asking how they got the voices saying those lines.
12 years ago
um, they wrote them down for the voice actors??? what a stupid question....

and btw, you said "where did they get the voices from" not "how did they get the voices to say that" so fuck you.
12 years ago
*bends over* while your fucking me, id like to add that i wondered because they use an apple and a yellow dildo for the characters...just thought they would actualy animate it if they wanted to. i assumed the puppets were made by random people.
12 years ago
Thats not a dildo, its meatwads cardboard tube friend from the show, this is a clip from the adult swim new years party at braks house.
12 years ago
^oh ok thanks, never saw it.
12 years ago
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