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Lazy Ramadi

Youve heard Lazy Sunday, heres the latest from Ramadi. Get home safe guys.

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by spallingkipper

submitted June 17th 2006

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ehhh. it was ok. there were some good parts. but some of it was almost exactly like lazy sunday. good for them though, for entertaining themselves in a place like that.
12 years ago
So Blazin Hazen signed up eh?

Actually it wasn't terrible.
12 years ago
No it was actually a relief that that they did it with a sense of humor and a serious lack of hatred...

I enjoyed it..

Although because they are not talking about killing children and their families ...others wont.
12 years ago
Looks Like I was correct in my assertion...

Anyway I support the troops...bring them home.
12 years ago
why the hell is it scensored, i dont get how bad language is so offensive, is it an american thing? yeah i kinda agree with savage they should be supported more and probably repected more by the army then maybe it wont be so shit out there, but bringing them home is another thing, they should have finished this shit in the first Iraq war, but just leaving now could make it worse since there practically in civil war, but i dont know enough on the subject to make a proper judgement
12 years ago
12 years ago
which one savage? you support? or you collect videos that bash our troops? You are very two faced.
12 years ago
Yeah Jiminy...My friend is in IRAQ right now...They block all access to porn...or anysite such as muchosucko that has girls ...naked...

Thankfully...I got out of the military right before they stopped selling nudie mags on base...

Onward Christian Soldier!


And billy...Go fuck yourself you clueless idiot...

You have no idea what you are talking about...and at the very least you should know that - as you intentionally ignore all viewpoints...

Typical...what are you 17?... Perhaps you should go join up...Do your time..

Then come around talking your stupid shit to those who would rather not have you waste your pathetic life on a fubar' mission...

12 years ago
And Jiminy...

If these Corporations that are STEALING Billions from us...Actually did the work...and put IRAQIS to work...There would not of been such an acceleration of the shit storm that is now the insurgency...

I mean...If the USA was invaded...wouldent you defend your family...friends...neighborhood?

Damn right you would...

Our being there just makes it worse over the long term...Much like how a grain of sand in an Oysters shell makes a pearl...our being there just makes a bigger ball of shit...

Our troops...Are fucked... and keeping them there simply makes more hatred for this country...

12 years ago
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