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Girl Fight Beatdown

At the very end you cant see the cop beating the girl with his night stick, I think it was like 3 times. This was all on the news, and the girl who got hit by the cop is sueing.


by gogg

submitted June 17th 2006

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Lets see, she's attacking someone the police man is stopping her. I can't expess how much all this "lets sue everyone for everything" mentality makes sick. The judge should just walk over and start punching her in the face.
12 years ago
^lets see, a big strong police man cant break u pa fight between two little girls without a night stick....and aside from that, he only hits one of them?!?!?! and you are wondering why she is sueing....
12 years ago
If the little cunt is all upset at the cop giving her a wack - was she really concerned about being hit while she was fighting away ??

I dont think "3 wacks" is deadly force. Shoot her three times - maybe then you have a suit. Ask me - the little cunt should be bitch slapped by the judge for being so fuckin stupid.
12 years ago
i only see him hit her once and its in the leg or something ... still he shouldnt have hit her she stopped in mid punch when he gets there... and i dont think he hit the other bitch because she was kinda getting her ass stomped... how long before the racist comments start????
12 years ago
ya he COULDVE stepped in and stopped it, but i bet he can state the girls life was at risk so he had to do what was necessary to stop it
12 years ago
He violate her Constitutional Rights to inflict violence on another person.
12 years ago
the cop is giving her the beating her parents should have given her a long time ago.
12 years ago
Bah - He should have just tazered her like a good cop would have.

LOL@Macaroo - Thanks man - that really cracked me up.
12 years ago
skank, justaddwata, wowdude, nada omelette, no, he should NOT have done that, because he could most definately just go in the middle and pull them apart. Maybe if the girls were 10 years older, 80 pounds heavier, and he already tried to pulll them apart, and they kept fighting or hit him. That was unecessary force, totally different from deadly force.
12 years ago
No, i agree with the cops actions. He popped her one good in the leg. and thats ok acording to most dept policies. Everyone talk about why cops dome just break up fights with there hands tahter than use an asp or taze people. trust me.. you dont want to do that. those girls regaurdless how small can and will inflict dammage. does not matter the size. ive personally seen fights where two dudes where going at it and a cop tried to break it up and they both turned on him.

Think about this, he could have gottenint he middle, and got hit, scratched, or harmed, and and what if one of them had HIV, or soemthign else, then he's exsposed.

It might be all fun and games to talk about, but untill you are in that situation, you cant judge him.
12 years ago
That cop was my size and the girls were 80lbs tops.. he was having a knee jerk reaction and fucked up.. bad judgment call, wtf ever.<br>
If that had been a black girl and a white cop..
12 years ago
I think the fuck up began when only one cop was trying to break up the fight.
12 years ago
The cop should have beat the idiot recording the fight for putting his fucking finger in front of the action and stopping the damn thing before all the action was up... wtf is up with people, doesnt anyone have any idea how to use all their crappy technology? Ugh.

12 years ago
they all looked like they were at a christian school. uniforms and shit. the kid prolly got scared when the cops came and turned it off.
12 years ago
fake, pause it and use the arrows to play frame by frame. You can clearly see that in mid-swing for two frames there is no night stick in his hand. His hand was empty and the nightstick was poorly edited in. Seriously, watch it frame by frame, it just magically vanishes until after it supposidly hit her? Wow, makes sense.
12 years ago
LMFAO, HAHAHHAHAHAHA RYOGA THATS HILARIOUS I HOPE SOME OF THAT WAS SARCASTIC LMFAO. aids from a finger nail scratch lmfao. thats hilarious. but yeah in case you were serious about the part about the fight, we arent discussing fights in general, were talking about this specific fight right here. looks at these small little girls. then look at the cop. if hes really scared of getting hit by this little girl once while trying to break them apart, then he shouldnt be a cop. if they refuse to stop, and the punches actualy phase him (not likely by the looks of the fight) then he HAS to do something to subdue them. but from what we see in the video, theres no reaso that his innitial action should be to hit a girl with a nightstick immediatley.
12 years ago
if he had used his hands hey would have claimed he fondled them. Trust me, what he did was indeed within the law.
12 years ago
HelloImBiziagh , what kinda nigger is a P.C. liberal faggot. She thinks she's a brawlen tough girl she gets treated like one. As you can see as the officer arrives the other girl is clearly being overtaken. So there was no need to use force on the other one.
12 years ago
in that case he should have fondled her.
12 years ago
Not all cops are exactly Dudley Do right or Inspector Columbo.
Probably the only arrest the flat foot made all week!
11 years ago
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