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another shopping cart face plant

the good ol face plant. face plant by cart


by Stephen

submitted June 16th 2006

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for fuck's sake, what did he think was going to happen if he crashed? he should at least have been wearing a full-face helmet, then he wouldn't have been shitting teeth the next day. what a tit.
12 years ago
Yeah..lets be original...

12 years ago
since most every comment becomes as racist remark after a while, let me start by saying... white people.
12 years ago

I usually just round em all up regardless of the color of their skin..

With the term...

Stem Zombies.

12 years ago
The fact that those two guys are squished into that little cart really molests me. Does it molest anyone else?
12 years ago
^ I was raped with laughter :|
12 years ago
lol too all comments...seriously though ..back in my day we did this on regular day then go kill Germans with grenades and eat rationed cheese...
12 years ago
not jokin...fuckin pussies
12 years ago
wah I broke my face cus Im a faggot idiot gay boy...probably pretty good at warcraft though...fuck ya!
12 years ago
oh fifth post ...that makes me gay , and i suck ...oh fuck yous all lol...lol
12 years ago
Either this is a repost or they were stupid enough to try again.
12 years ago
another turd time repost but still good
12 years ago
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