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Wheelchair Stunt(?) Gone Wrong

Obviously a group of Handegg fans


by GimmieAFreshie

submitted February 3rd 2014

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Sets friend on fire, doesn't have a hose handy. Good planning
4 years ago
what a bunch of tards.
4 years ago
broken as shit for me, nothing but glitchy, skipping single frames and shouting bro's
4 years ago
okay, i downloaded and watched it... can't upvote cuz of the glitchy on-site presentation, though.

also, the stupidity of everyone involved in this makes me furious......

worst part was that fucking nicki minaj shirt.
4 years ago
works for me on here.
4 years ago
It's a shame he didn't burn to death...
4 years ago
*they all didn't
4 years ago
"I got beer!"
4 years ago
* smerf facepalms *
4 years ago
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