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short lived cop rock

it was made in 1990........singin cops and pimps.....thats all you need to know.


by junebugg

submitted June 16th 2006

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Sadly, i remember this show
12 years ago
gee, i wonder why it was canceled.

life in the hood aint no piece of pie, anybody could die when the bullets fly.

shakespeare himself couldn't have written a better piece of poetry.
12 years ago
Holy shiznits,

I heard that this show existed at some point, and can only chalk it up to the "what the fuck was he thinking???!!?" file...

I mean, Hill Street Blues, to this, and then NYPD Blue?

Ah well, we all make questionable calls (waking up next to a "not exactly hot" chick comes to mind...)
12 years ago
This show got cancelled? Wow, that explains why I cant find it on my Tivo....And all I wanted to know was what it was like in a jail cell. Shucks.
12 years ago
I wonder if they did a dance routine rap about punkin with those white boys when the lights went out.
12 years ago
Thats not even the worse of the show. there was a gun shoot out in one episode, where all the cops and thugs started dancing life they were on broadway. I damn near fell out my seat laughing so hard.
12 years ago
The Blues Brothers was the greatest musical ever, everything else after doesn't count.
12 years ago
what about the sound of music, was that before or after? nuns making sweat love to the nazis, cant go wrong
12 years ago
or did i dream that one oh well was still good shit
12 years ago
the best part on this clip is the white cops, are they reacting to the crappy music or confused about what to do with there hands......should they raise them in the air? like they just dont care?
12 years ago
CotB - That movie rocks. I hate Illinois Nazis!
12 years ago
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