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My thoughts on the Superbowl

I'm so [insert feeling] at [insert player/team name]


by Steven_Seagull

submitted February 2nd 2014

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My thoughts on the Superbowl
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Know what my feelings are saying?

I'm wearing Seahawks #12 jersey. SUPERBOWL CHAMPS, YOU BITCHES!
5 years ago
Prove it. Post a picture of you in that jersey you are wearing.
5 years ago
5 years ago
that louis CK rubber mask is frightening as hell
5 years ago
Meh, fuck it

* smerf subs the picture. *
5 years ago
What the hell happened to Smerfs face!?
Its so long!
I preferred the hormone producing glands face.
Its like a ginger Conky.
Man I'm glad Jones is not here to see this...

Ok I think I got it all out of the system now.
5 years ago
My jaw grew longer with the hormones. A little more noticeable now that my face has thinned out a bit.
5 years ago
so, a smerf walks into a bar. says the barkeep:

why the long face?
5 years ago
You may refer to me as "The Chin"
5 years ago
I am wearing my Megatron "We'll Get 'Em Next Year" t-shirt.
5 years ago
5 years ago
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