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Hadji Girl

The controversial video of a Marine (?) singing a song about killing Iraqi civilians. Pulled from YouTube. Denounced by the Marine Corp and by CAIR. Now on MuchoSucko.


by yak

submitted June 15th 2006

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the sound is fucked up.
12 years ago
Well they can't all be heroes. I don't really see the problem with it myself. I mean, I would expect something like that to happen if I fucked with a marine. I think the song had a pretty solid moral lesson to it.
12 years ago
Kill 'em all!
12 years ago
that was fucking awesome. so whats the problem again? Oh yah, the PC police of the world only accept hippy songs.!

Actually, i think they should make that into a single and play it all over the radio. Nice nod to trey parker and matt stone. LOL!!!
12 years ago
Actually there was a pretty cool film documentary on this stuff called Soundtrack to War.
12 years ago
Fuck the Marine Executives, they have lost touch with the troops!
12 years ago
Gallows humor is a trait of all soldiers... it ain't good pr but that's life... most importantly if you (or someone standing near you) shoot at a marine, expect them to shoot back...
12 years ago



That guy is more talented than any of those American Idol turds...
12 years ago
Man Jared and Matt are some super fags.
12 years ago
First of all, it isn't a song about killing civilians if they were trying to kill him. Don't put a spin on it.

Second, that was pretty damn funny.
12 years ago
I couldn't understand all the words. I wish the song was in print. I don't blame him for singing the song.
12 years ago
well done osama for liberating america on 9/11, well done hitler for killing all the faggot allies
12 years ago
he should sing a song about hitting babies with a bat. killing iraqi babies is cool cause they would just grow into terrorists, and bush told me that terrorists are bad
12 years ago
Brought to you by the first amendment of the United States Constitution.

Ooh-rah, motherfuckers.
12 years ago
What happened to my nigga hatin' fag bashing jew killing camel jockey burnin' muchosucko?!?!

Cmo'n fellas, you can be more redneck than this.

And oh, to the video;

This doesn't surprize me. Well expected from two enemies fighting to death. Both sides ridicule each other, since most of you fellas are on U.S.'s side, you only see these videos. In many comedy shows in middle eastern countries Americans are ridiculed. This is war, yet people show amazement every fucking time.
12 years ago
JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (AP) - A Marine seen in an Internet video singing about killing members of an Iraqi family says the song was a joke.

Cpl. Joshua Belile, 23, apologized and said the song was not tied in any way to allegations that Marines killed 24 unarmed civilians in Haditha last year.

"It's a song that I made up and it was nothing more than something supposed to be funny, based off a catchy line of a movie," he said in Wednesday's Daily News of Jacksonville.

In the four-minute video called "Hadji Girl," a singer who appears to be a Marine tells a cheering audience about gunning down members of an Iraqi woman's family after they confront him with automatic weapons.

Maj. Shawn Haney, a Marine spokeswoman, said Wednesday the Marine Corps was looking into the matter. "The video, which was posted anonymously, is clearly inappropriate and contrary to the high standards expected of all Marines," she said in a statement.

Belile did not return a call Wednesday from The Associated Press.

He said his buddies pushed him on stage with his guitar while he was in Iraq in September and someone posted it on the Internet. It has since been removed.

Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the video should be investigated by the Pentagon and Congress.

"We welcome Cpl. Belile's apology," he said.
12 years ago
a little bit racist? maybe<br>boring? kinda<br>controversial? i dunno about that
12 years ago
I don't know why the "controversy" is so impenetrable for some of you. He sings about shielding himself from gunfire with a little girl. If this war had been started by a Democrat, you mindless fucks would be bitching that this guy is a coward for saying this.

But the Marines shown here are just blowing off steam. This kind of shit (and worse) goes on alllll the time, and it needs to. This shouldn't be taken seriously, and calling for Pentagon and Congressional investigations--as CAIR has done--is assfucked.
12 years ago
What happened to the Marine Corps that let the boys decorate their tanks with Japanese heads? Dude's going to get fucked up for singing a song? And one that is obviously tongue in cheek stress relief? Bombing civilians in "collateral damage?" No problem! Making up a silly song? Better watch what you say fucker!

I'm not for this war, but people should direct their venom where it belongs and let these poor fuckers vent their steam in whatever way doesn't actually hurt anyone. People are cunts.
12 years ago
'Civilians' that take up arms against you are your enemy. Kill them!

Phuking political correctness doesn't fit anywhere but a close friendship.
12 years ago
There's a lot worse going on besides potentially offensive songs.

All this proves once again is that dipshits shouldn't be sharing let alone making a recording of these sort of off-duty (?) activities which can come back to bite you on the arse. Nothing good comes from making stuff like this public in the long run.
12 years ago
nice madmonkee. "since most of you fellas are on U.S.'s side..."

Are you finally admitting you're a terrorist appeaser? LOL! Just kidding.
12 years ago
no really, i have seen worst shit on comedy central. And if this war was started by a democrat, TG, we would have only just bombed iraq and afganistan for a month. And thats about it. Derka Derka!
12 years ago
If I was in Iraq getting shot at every day by those fuckers I'd be singing shit like this to.
12 years ago
12 years ago
"How the hell do you kill women and children!"... "SIMPLE!, YOU JUST DON'T LEAD THEM AS MUCH!!!" - Full Metal Jacket
12 years ago
im pretty damn left wing, and i like a healthy dose of political correctness, but anyone who gets their panties in a bunch over this should be beheaded in public......and have a song written about it
12 years ago
Honestly I do not blame the soldiers and marines....They have had their morals scrambled and their souls drained... They dont know what they are doing, all they know is they are told to do something...to go somewhere...and since the lives of their buddies and themselves is in danger (due to them being there) they follow orders...

The ones to blame are the pasty face repugnican and neocon demon's who sent us there on a lie in the first place. They are the ones who pull the strings... They are the ones to blame as they are driving the machine... Its tough to blame the blade in the lawnmower for this.

The only reason the MARINES are saying that this is not appropriate and contrary to the high standards of the Corp...is because it was exposed.

I do think we should be stocking up on "E" pills and lifetime psychiatric therapy for our troops when they finnaly get out of that fucking abortion.

12 years ago
Fuck the REMF's.

Ooh-fucking-rah Marines!
12 years ago
Wow savagehenery. Holy shit man, you are bleedin a river of liberal taking points! You need a tampon you're such a pussy. "They have had their morals scrambled and their souls drained..."

Do you even know in your pea sized brain that these guys are all volunteers?

Oh yah, and i like the "repungnican" comment. Of course it's all their fault! You are such a sherlock holmes! Where is your tin foil pipe and silly tin foil hat? Oh yah, you used them to cover your assarole dish you shat out last night you fucking monkey.

Fuck you man. We made up worse shit in Boy Scouts. GET OVER IT.
12 years ago
of course theyre volunteers, noone is disputing that<br>are you actually trying to say this war is the fault of someone besides the republicans?
12 years ago
I like it... he should get a record deal
12 years ago
OK, OK, It was my fault. I started the war. I'm sorry. But i'm developing a new SUV that runs on a mixture of oil and the blood of the innocents. My bad.
12 years ago
Well J-sin thats K-Billys favorite drink...so you may have a toothless problem on your hands.

And Billy boy...Liberals dont have TALKING points...thats you dittoheads. In fact- Do you even know what the word liberal means ??... I doubt it you tool, you cannot even string together a coherent insult..

""You are such a sherlock holmes! Where is your tin foil pipe and silly tin foil hat? Oh yah, you used them to cover your assarole dish you shat out last night you fucking monkey""

Oooo K --KBilly

Too bad you cannot read either, or you might have a fucking clue as to what I said...Its so easy for you to be a fanboi of the party of hate and anti-american behavior.

And yes..It is the REPUGNICAN, Neocon, Pink Tutu Democraps fault as to why we are there...

I would continue, if I thought you could carry on a rational discussion on the subject...as it is I am sure you have drooled your fiftenth keyboard this year to death, So I will stop.

12 years ago
savage war mongering bastard race of people and nation
12 years ago
Thanks for straightening all that out savage. And actually I am starting to love what the word "liberal" has become because of your silly little party. Of course I know what the true word means. The literal definition. But what it has come to mean under your party is totally different. Dont feel too bad, lots of words change meanings throughout history.

I know you dont like this. But oh well! Thats just the savage life we live in. I like Ann Coulters current spin on the word. It really drives little snivvle snots like you insane.

And yes I can read, you said "They have had their morals scrambled and their souls drained... They dont know what they are doing, all they know is they are told to do something..."

You think our boys over there are just mindless zombies with no souls and morals. You think they have no clue what they are doing. Did I miss anything?

And i did make a coherent insult, it's just you were too stupid to understand. That's ok, i will help you out.

I said, "You are such a sherlock holmes! Where is your tin foil pipe and silly tin foil hat? Oh yah, you used them to cover your assarole dish you shat out last night you fucking monkey"

Well first off. Monkeys are known to eat their own shit. I inferred that you made a shit dish from your ass, casserole=assarole. And since you obviously are soo kooky that you probably go to sleep with a tin foil hat on at night to keep the "pasty face repugnican and neocon demon's" Bush admin from draining your soul.

Well, it takes a clever person to do this so I also inferred that you are a sherlock holmes! But instead of a real pipe and hat, you have ones made out of tin foil. Genius! Then, since you filled your belly up with your monkey shit, you needed to use some foil to cover up the rest of the dish. Therefore, my joke. Har! har! har! Pretty funny huh?

Oh, and my favorite drink is only of the babies blood of the innocents. And no oil! The oil just fucks everything up. It's like adding a lemon to tea with milk. Does not mix well. Not a pretty sight.
12 years ago
My party?

I dont have a "PARTY"...your the party line sychopant...

But I am indeed a liberal...You know the literal sense...Something which you are obviously anti-, which once you get down to the symantic brass tacks essentially means you are Anti-American....So keep wrapping that flag around your head sunshine patriot...because the flag represents the freedom ...to burn the fucking flag, and now the incentive is there...

And yeah...you predictably missed the whole point of my statement...(most likely because you fail to read the whole fucking thing or comprehend it)

Ann Coulter...lmao...How could a clearly insane man that feeds chicken shit rambo toughguys like you red meat ...make me insane?

You freeps wish you held that much influence.

And for your insult...lmao if you could call it coherent because you think you break it down in a clear manner.

First off... Monkeys are known to suck their own dicks...and fling SHIT at intruders to their area...but as far as I know they dont eat their own shit... The animal you are looking for in this instance is one that aptly describes your pasty ass...a PIG.

Let us continue, as you are clearly breaking out the theasurus for this one. Your "inference" (lol @ u) on my making tasty dishes from my ass...with the plastic wit of "assarole" must of really had your Karl Rove real doll rolling on the floor with laughter...I mean the raw intellect of it "assarole"...How do you keep that massive stockpile of neurons in that Troglydite skull of yours is truely an evolutionary marvel...oops

Oh bottom line..no your joke was not funny...it was not even mildly interesting, just like yourself, YOUR party, your ideas, and your heros.

Usefull Tumors like you certainly have drunk the blook of innocents...many children...Infact you are bathing in it.

And it is not a pretty sight...Now...Only if you had the intellect to realize that the reflection in the mirror is yourself....NOW that is a WELL KNOWN fact about monkeys...

Now back to the caves with your flying monkey ass...You aint fit for the fights you are picking.

12 years ago
"because the flag represents the freedom ...to burn the fucking flag," --- I really should'nt have to say anything more.

But it's good to see that you payed attention to my joke! Sorry, you didnt think it was funny, I of course laughed my monkey ass off!

Have fun waking up every morning hating america pal. I feel sorry for fucks like you.

12 years ago
Wow ...lol

There are a few really excellent comedy routines out there based on psudo patriotic retarded kneejerk parasitic idiots like you out there...

Anyway thanks for the Checkmate..Buddy

Now take your defeat and your "pity" and go drown yourself in thought...
12 years ago
aww savage, i must have really gotten under your skin! Dont worry! There is 10 more minutes left to reply! I know you were waiting with anticipation the whole day!

LOL! Checkmate? Yah, sure, whatever dude. Just keep repeating it to yourself. It's a stratagem used every day by libs. Just repeat something to yourself until it becomes a truth.

Yah, i think i'll go take my "defeat" and go out on the town drinking with my friends. My pity however, is still felt for you. Really man, you are still a sad fuck. Bye!
12 years ago
K-Billy... why is it that when right wingers argue, they feel as though they are free from the burden of facts. They just seem to attack their opponents character, and try to use what they are as an insult. ie. " You are such a liberal..blah blah ..."
It isn't a very good argument. Here is a typical debate.

ME - "Bush got us into a war we can't win ( fact), by lying (fact), so he and his buddies could get richer (fact). Mean while 2500 soldiers are dead (fact) est. 35000 injured, and Iraq is now far worse off than before (fact).

REPUBLICAN- " You're a liberal and you don't know what you're talking about, you hate America blah blah blah"

What are you afraid of?
12 years ago
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